Gifts for the hard to please guy

I came up with a few suggestions based on my own shopping experiences today. These items are likely great for someone you know, especially those who are difficult to shop for.

Despite the name, the Paper Wallet is not made of paper; it’s made from a 100% recyclable, paper-thin, durable material. “If we look at the consumer world, everything is getting smaller, lighter, more aesthetic and environmentally responsible,” explains Burko, who is expanding the trend to wallets.
Paper Wallet in Brown
Paper Wallet Series 2
Paper Wallet Series 1

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2. Gelada Studio Tee’s

Gelada is an Indy design studio, we make our Tshirts from the best materials (100% organic cotton & Viscose) all the designs are limited. The design & total feel of our stuff is a throwback to your favourite Tshirt thats been in your closet for years. Gelada is a fair trade clan, we make our own Tshirts, creating a new past, The way of the Future.

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3. A Holga or Lomo Fisheye Camera

The Wonderful and Awesome Holga CMYHolga Holgawood Series 120N Medium Format Fixed Focus Camera with Lens - "The Camera Formally Known As Holga"
Lomography Fisheye 2 Point-n-Shoot 35mm Camera with FREE 3 pack of Lomo 400 speed Color Film 36 exposures

More Cameras

I think at least one of these gifts is a sure win for almost any guy. I’m not saying who, but at least a few guys I know will be getting a paperwallet, especially since my boyfriends has lasted well over a year and is still holding strong with daily use and my own looks as hot at the day I got it ( I have the 3rd one down by Andres).
Most younger guys will love a basic, vintage style tee and Gelada Studio has several with large animals on them like tigers and bears, a sure win for most guys.
As for the Holga and Lomo Fisheye cameras, anyone into gritty, little to no skill/camera knowledge needed, art will appreciate the companionship of these little cameras. Instant art – and the fisheye is great for guys who like to go out with friends, have pets or just around the house with you.
Hope these suggestions help your holiday woes!

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