Photos of the Day: Globe Trotting Cultural Styles

It always bothers me when people try and make you feel like you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” dress in various cultural styles, well, Street Fashion is about being creative and free-form with your style. Do whatever you want!

Art, style, and even elements associated with a particular culture or trend can be used as we wish, and aside from copyright infringement, there is no real reason not to enjoy other cultures and all they have to offer. And if it is your own culture you are dressing like, and you’ve turned it into a chic version of its traditional self, more power to you!

Here are some awesome examples and inspiration for us all!

Gypsy Gold

Off to the picnic.
By tokyohatguy

Hippie Music Festival Style or 音楽祭


Agnostic mountain gospel choir

29.05.2012 Agnostic mountain gospel choir
Sandals : Ardène
Skirt, belt and scarf : Thrifted
T-Shirt : Urban Outfitters!/Claudaille!/pages/Moi-peux-tu-venir-/167772723253388
By Clodo.

Pink Braids

The Japanese fashion blogger Momo w/ pink braids and a matching pink nose ring in Harajuku.
To me, her style looks inspired by Holland.
Pink Braids, Harajuku
By tokyofashion

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