Good Sleep With CBD and Melatonin

I’ve always had trouble getting a good night’s rest. I have long detailed, lucid dreams, grind my teeth, roll over several times a night, get up for water or to take the dog out, and rarely feel particularly well rested.

I’ve used melatonin before a trip to the UK before and it worked out well, no jet lag at all really, and I’ve used CBD for neck pain and hemp oil on my skin, but never had I tried the two together like I found in CBD Living. Their completely vegan, tapioca based Sleep Gummies have 25 mg of broad-spectrum Nano CBD backed up by 5 mg of Melatonin for an even, restful sleep.

I wore my fitness watch for a month and tracked my sleep cycle for a while after. It can take time for your body to adjust and although it doesn’t take everyone that long, I wanted to be thorough. I noticed within a couple weeks I was already getting more restful sleep and by the end of 6 weeks I was up an extra hour to hour and a half a night! That’s huge really when you think about your average restful sleep being less than half of your total sleep time. An extra hour of deep sleep gives your body time to recover, heal and re-energize.

The gummies come in a few flavors, lemon, cherry, orange and strawberry, my favorite is definitely strawberry. The lemon is a bit sour and bitter but other than that they’re great tasting and don’t get stuck to your teeth for a long time like some gummies. I also tried their CBD sleep syrup but it was a bit too intense and sweet for me and made my mouth feel coated in sugar – but I don’t eat much sugar and that might be why. I’m still happy they make their products with real sugar vs faux alternatives but would love to see some agave or coconut sugars as well! I’m not a chemist so who knows if those are even possible, CBD products typically have some really knowledgeable people working on them.

In addition to good sleep, some of their other products from their CBD travel bundle have been a huge help the last 2 months. I’ve been traveling back and forth to Colorado as we try to move there. In between flights and hotels we hike, mess around in the garden and pack boxes – I’ve got my share of scrapes and a very sore back in the process.

A full day lately will include:

  1. Waking up and applying the CBD Living lip balm after brushing my teeth.
  2. Rolling the CBD freeze over my sore muscles after a shower.
  3. Putting some CBD Calming oil behind my ears and on my wrists to prepare for the day.
  4. Putting on more CBD Freeze before I go to bed.
  5. Applying CBD hand lotion to my dry hands.
  6. Applying CBD Salve to my really dry patches, elbows and healing scrapes.

The CBD Freeze that I have is a travel size roll on liquid that smells quite strongly of menthol for a minute or so then fades as it penetrates your muscles, I find it especially useful on my shoulders and mid back and a great way to start the day, refreshing and cool.

My second favorite product from the travel kit was the salve. I had a couple dry patches on my hands that just wouldn’t go away, possibly from not wearing gloves while cleaning, or just abuse, but some of the dryness was on the front of my hand as well and hard to get rid of. None of the lotions I had were doing anything for months, even if I wore moisture gloves all night, however using the salve in the evenings for just a week or two inconsistently (I forget), it cleared up! That’s great news for me because I tend to get patches on my skin like that regularly, especially in winter, so if I can use something else besides a prescribed steroid cream I will be very happy!

CBD Living has dozens of vegan products for people AND pets! My dog definitely need a few things to keep her calm as we move and settle in to the new place, and their prices are very competitive if not better than most websites I’ve shopped. Other CBD products I couldn’t even verify for sure if they were doing anything but after the last few months of using these, I can see actual results – and I’m a major sceptic of everything so that’s saying a lot.

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