Gorgous, Original Hats Made from Upcycled Scarves

Ever wanted to stand apart with your hat? So many hats out there, for men and women, are just boring old styles in boring old colors, or worse, they’re sports logo or brand logo adorned. I absolutely hate being a walking billboard for a team or clothing company who just pumps out their designed like McDonald’s hamburgers and expects their customers to walk around selling more of their stuff for them. That’s the whole reason we support indie designers!

A new company from the Ukraine, ValorisationLab, is making amazing new and completely original hats, each one handmade and one of a kind. They’re colorful, decorative, daring and beautiful – and they come in endless patterns and several hat styles for everyone’s taste!

Around a year ago our love for upcycling and streetwear turned into a beautiful result – ValorisationLab. – the brand transforming vintage scarves into unique headwear.
The brand name originates from a French term ‘valorisation’, which means increasing value of the product by its modification or transformation, and thus creating something new.
Creating caps from vintage scarves isn’t an usual apparel production, where one produces hundreds or thousands items of the same model. In our production we’re excited about each and every piece because you never know what kind of hat you are going to get when you look at the initial garment.




The story of their journey, the quality of their designs and handiwork are just amazing, and I know I’m destined to own at least a couple. There’s only a few days left on their Kickstarter campaign so It’s a great opportunity to get one before they get super popular!
I’ll certainly be telling everyone, so don’t be left behind on this awesome new concept!

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