Graphic Tee Fever: Summer Stock-up!

About a month or so into Summer I already start wishing I had more tanks, graphic tees and skirts. It usually depends on where I am in the world, if I’m in a city, I want more variety, if we’re in a small town, I don’t care as much.

Browsing around my favorite online shops I found that Shopbop has a most excellent collection of graphic tees this summer from Wildfox, Sundry, UNIF, Freecity and more. I don’t know how I missed these and it won’t happen again!

This year there is a definite trend towards text on tees, whether a phrase or locale, I’m down. The designs are simple and not too distracting yet add that extra something to your outfit without stealing focus. Simple designs like hearts, anchors and other basic designs are making a comeback, kicking busy patterns to the curb.
Lastly CATS! Lots of lots of CATS! My favorite as you can probably tell. I end up with so many cat shirts each year (minus the two that mysteriously went missing from my laundry) that there’s no doubt in even a stranger’s eyes that I’m a cat lady through and through.

Check out some of my favorites from Shopbop

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