Gucci Plans to Create Biodegradable Sunglasses – for how long exactly?

In a very late but appreciated attempt to join the 21st century, Gucci is releasing sunglasses made from a biodegradable material called “liquid wood” as well as recycled metal and mineral glass lenses.

As an alternative to plastic, liquid wood is a composite of bio-based substances, such as wood fiber from sustainably-managed forests and lignin extracted from paper and candle wax during manufacturing processes.

Although biodegradable fashion is definitely the future of manufacturing, and designers of all kids will need to (or should have already been) rethinking their effect on the environment through their own production practices, it seems like the larger companies seem to “join the band waggon” only when it seems profitable to them.

This is what separates ethical business, small business from corporate designers – and what separates street fashion from everything else. Small designers still have the ability to change their ways, large corporations require so much money just to maintain themselves, let alone support their employees and please share holders, that they will make whatever decision they have to to make a buck – and these decisions, however good, will never be because of ethical reasons or because the company plans to change.

I guess the fact that they are biodegradable is enough for now, but if for one second their customers stop caring or buying said product, they will no doubt give up the “effort” and go back to pouring toxic waste into sunglass molds.


[via CNET]

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