Halloween and High End Fantasy Jewelry Design from Liv Ballard

There’s some interesting stuff going on in the world of “people who shop at places like Saks 5Th Avenue”. Particularly the jewelry of Liv Ballard.

Her designs are unique and opulent, in themes that the mainstream would eat up but most can’t afford. Meant for a nice event, not the daily commute, these designs are truly something to behold.  They look like something designed in ancient Rome for the upper classes, where they were free to wear their gold and jewels, to yes, even the bathhouse. For centuries archaeologists have found them stuck in the ancient drains of public baths as far from Rome as Wales. Did they miss them or just buy more? Basically, these pieces are timeless!  But please take better care.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces right now!

The Scaccia Diavolo aka ‘Chase away the devil”  

Just in time for the Halloween season, the Scaccia Diavolo is an 18 karat yellow gold statement piece that features detachable yellow gold, ebony, diamond, and ruby charms, all handmade in Rome. The mirror, embellished with rubies and diamonds, the sun with its distinctive flames, the pointed ebony stake blood stained with rubies, a solid gold clove of garlic, and a cross pavéd in diamonds – all powerful icons that ward off vampires and hold unique meanings. Each pendant brings light to its wearer while empowering and protecting against disruptive energies, making it a fierce and powerful accessory as a bracelet or as individual pendant necklaces.


The Siren:

18 karat yellow and white gold, diamond and sapphire mermaid. 18 karat yellow gold handmade chain.


Bracciale Uomo:

Man’s bracelet in 18 karat Yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver.


Collana Rosa Dei Vent

Wind Rose back-to-front necklace. 18k gold, diamond, pearl, and aquamarine.


Liv Ballard

Globes, maps and armillary spheres are signatures of Liv Ballard’s couture collection.

Celestial bodies, stars and suns are recurring motifs…

Freedom and restraint… Movement… Precious objects spinning freely.

Sensual… Sculptural… Playful.

Handcrafted in Rome by master goldsmiths, each piece in the Liv Ballard Collection is presented in lyrical form, often with a visual echo of ancient architecture.

It’s a collection that satisfies both intellectually and aesthetically…

That appeals to rock stars and royalty.

To anyone with a strong sense of who they are, it’s a statement of confidence.

See more of her collections at: Livballard.com

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