Halloween is for fashionistas

I’m a huge Halloween fan, for more reasons than I can list but mainly the opportunity for creativity. Some of the clothes I love and have either no reason to wear most the year, or want to protect because I love them so much, I get to wear for Halloween.

This Halloween, I didn’t get to do much of anything. My boyfriend was out of town with the car, I’m miles from the nearest bar, party.. anything, and I’m completely out of flour – so no Halloween Cupcakes!!!

So, my only option was to make the best of it and cycle through costumes and make whatever treats I can come up with from the ingredients I had.

I got a fire going, started one of my favorite movies, The City of Lost Children
and waited for some random kids to show up at the door asking for candy.

In short, here are my costumes:

Daytime Costume
This was my daytime “costume” and a little hard to guess but this shirt is my favorite in my blingy tops collection. It was made in India painstakingly with pearl, black and gold sequins and some intricate beading on the cats face.
I only wear it about once a year or so as its not only fragile but also very reflective and wearing it is like wearing a mobile disco party. So, I slapped on a ton of gold jewelry and was either the 1% or a trust fund hipster. Either way it was an awesome excuse to wear my top for a day.

My evening costume was very different. I just got a great dress and bustier from ModCloth’s Sale section, played with my hair some ( I wanted to be Elvira but I’m blonde at the moment), and used some photoshop to finish it all off.
Evening Costume

And it seems the only group members who dressed up were in Japan.

Harajuku Pumpkin Guy, Halloween 2011

Harajuku Pumpkin Guy, Halloween 2011

Harajuku Halloween Devil Girls

Harajuku Halloween Devil Girls
By tokyofashion

Where are your costumes people?

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