Handmade Graphics for crafty street art lovers

I found this book on a weekend trip to Borders books this last weekend; Handmade Graphics: Tools & Techniques Beyond the Mouse. Its pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for for years. A guide book and show of unconventional street inspired art and artists. It has tutorials on how to paint a mural on a wall with spray paint, paint your own custom shoes, bind a book or sew a monster and tons more. I jumped right in a made a monster. (Since its my first, I don’t exactly love it, but its not a horrible start.)

Handmade Graphics features artists like Jon Burgerman, Phil Barbato (monster tutorial) and Jodie Hurt (collage art). Other things the book teaches is how to embroider in 3D, make awesome collage art, screen print posters or t-shirts .. more than I can list really. Its the ultimate ‘cool crafts’ handbook and a great way for you to find your calling if you’re not quite sure which crafty graphic art you want to choose.  Check it out!


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