Handy Clothing Advice When It’s Too Hot Inside and Too Cold Outside

When the weather is in that in-between phase when it is neither too hot nor too cold, it can be very difficult to choose what to wear. And sometimes, it feels like it is boiling hot when you are in the office and freezing cold the minute you step outside. Never fear; we are going to give you a few top tips that will help you navigate this difficult balancing act between shivering and sweating! So, here is a bit of clothing advice that you can follow.

Layer Up

Layering is your friend when you are not sure whether you are going to feel too hot or too cold. Start off with the bottom layers and work your way out from here. Of course, the more layers you wear, the more you are able to take off. So, you could wear a shirt with a cardigan or jumper over the top. You look smart either way and you don’t have to worry about your internal temperature. Just don’t wear anything embarrassing underneath like a superhero t-shirt that you wouldn’t want people to see!

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

When you are choosing fabrics to wear, make sure to go for the ones that are breathable. So, try to stick to materials like cotton and silk if you can. Of course, if you have a job that involves working outside on more practical tasks, make sure to consider practicality as well with clothing items like fr pants. If you are working inside, one thing that you will want to avoid is layering synthetics on top of synthetics as this is bound to leave you feeling more than a bit hot and sweaty.

Consider Your Accessories

Maybe you feel ready to put your winter coat away for the year, but you still need something to keep you a little warmer when you are outside. Cashmere is always a great material for some accessories like gloves and scarves. Bring a bag with you and you always have somewhere to keep any extra layers that you decide to bring along with you.

These Shoes Are Made for Walking

If your feet feel cold, it is likely that the rest of your body does as well. And if it is raining outside, you need to make sure that you wear something waterproof on your feet. Some leather boots are always a good option, and you should make sure that you wear some thick socks as well. If you are worried about them getting wet, it is worth carrying a spare pair around with you so that you always have a plan B.

So, there you have some simple advice to follow which will help you to regulate your temperature no matter how hot or cold it feels inside or outside. Essentially, you need to work in layers, choose your fabrics carefully, think about what accessories you would like to wear and pick a pair of shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry.

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