Holiday Packing Hacks For The Chic Traveller

We always have the best intentions. “I’ll pack light this time”, we say. “Do I really need four pairs of shoes?” we say. Unfortunately, we rarely pull it off. This time can be different, though. Finally, we’ve assembled the perfect packing guide for fashionistas who are going global.

What to Pack


Yes, it’s easy to talk yourself into “needing” your hiking boots, your fashion boots, flats, heels, tennis shoes and sandals, but you’re the one who suffers. For warm climates, a strappy, but comfortable sandal is essential, as it can be used for walking during the day and hanging at the beach or going out at night. However, we also suggest bringing a closed toe option, which, depending on your activities, could be a light tennis shoe or something cute in canvas.


When it comes to shirts, functionality is key. So be sure to bring shirts that you can mix and match which allows you to debut a “new” outfit everyday by simply switching out one part of it. Also keep in mind the importance of layering. This prevents you from carting around bulky coats, but still keeps you warm.


The skinny jean is a wonder of science. It can be worn during the day for all your exploring and still look adorable at night when paired with the right shirt, shoes and accessories. A skirt is an easy and space-efficient alternative to the party dress, as it takes up less space, but still gives you that spark of glamour for nights out.

How to Pack


Always Be Prepared

In the anticipation of traveling to your next glorious destination, make an air-tight packing list a week in advance. The list should include whatever packing equipment you’ll need. Do you have a bag for your cords? One for a wet swimsuit? What about an accessories bag or containers for shampoo and conditioner? If you have the right tools for the job everything will go more smoothly.

Roll With It

If you’ve been resisting this trend, stop. Roll your clothes as tightly as possible instead of folding them and you will give yourself much more room. Laying within the bag is also smart. Shoes on the bottom, clothes in the middle, accessory and make-up bags on top. This way it’s organized with easy access to whatever you need.

Carry On

The carry-on bag is an essential part of your arsenal and should hold your most important items (passport, wallet, and any valuables). We also suggest having some basic hygiene items in your carry on should the worst happen and your luggage is lost. A pair of underwear, a stick of deodorant and a dab of body spray wouldn’t go amiss here.

“It cannot be done”, they said. Well, we’ve proven them wrong! With these tips, your luxury holidays will be every bit as wonderful as you imagine and you’ll thank us when you realize how easy traveling can be when you aren’t carting around three suitcases!

Images by …love Maegan and penelope waits used under Creative Commons License.

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