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I’m way behind on my holiday party planning, especially what I’ll be wearing. I’m hoping I’ll get the perfect dress by New Years, but for Christmas, I think it’s an ugly sweater, skirt, leggings and tall boots kind of night this year.
Checking out the group, I got some ideas for my new years plans though. The perfect dress can make my night in some ways, assuming I lay off the eggnog and try not to out-sing my uncle Phil (usually ends up in a scream-caroling match) – having on a great outfit makes me feel more confident and original.

Check out some of these cute dresses, most of which you probably wont find yourself, but at the bottom of the post I put a link to my favorite place to buy dresses and with a coupon even!


Toronto Gothic Lolita Style

Toronto Gothic Lolita Style

taken by | Twitter | Facebook
These are for the final entry on the gothic lolita series Paul is doing for his street fashion blog here

Birds or – “Partridges in Pear Trees”

By tinancv

Japanese Tree Ornament Dress (tea dress)

Japanese Tea Party Dress
taken by Ophelia K.(link)

Blue Christmas

by Northerncards

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Dress by Diana Bobar


One thought on “Holiday Party Dresses to Email home About

  1. Oh I love the look of Blue Christmas. Very sexy and at the same time absolutely seriuos. Well combined

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