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Wrist Warmers by Rosy Toes DesignsThis winter is going to be a cold one, although a late one for much of the country. It will prove wise to start your winter shopping – or winter gift shopping sooner than later for many reasons (if you haven’t already) and you won’t regret spending your shopping money on handmade gifts. An almost certain win for any recipient, items made by hand, with care and skill, will always be more appreciated than something bought in a big box store.

My favorite reason to start holiday shopping this year is Rosy Toes Designs. Talented designer and owner of Rosy Toes, Lucy Chapman, makes a huge variety of winter accessories, bags, tech accessories and beautiful blankets to fit anyone’s style or home, and every piece is unique and skillfully handmade!

“Lucy’s work has traveled on an Arctic Expedition, participated in a worldwide photography trip, and can be found with many happy customers both in the United States and abroad. It was chosen as one of the “Seasons Must Have Fashion Accessories” for the November issue of British Vogue.”

Rosy Toes Designs specializes in turning natural fibers and re-purposed materials into durable and beautiful bags, blankets and luxury accessories, one of which I own and cherish myself, a smartphone pouch for my Android phone.

Seeing one of her pieces in person is leaps beyond what you can see in photos, so owning a piece myself I can tell you more detail about the quality and care in her work.

Rosy Toes Design Phone PouchThe Smartphone Pouch is thick and safe, great for someone like me who drops my phone at least once a week. The inside is lined with a soft, scratch proof fabric, and the loop and hook strap keep the phone in place and work great hooked inside a purse or bag for security. I like to wear it on my wrist with my debit card and id stuffed in next to it and leave the house light and stylish!

I love color but I was really happy with the grey fabric and moth theme. As a nature lover and sort of a dark type, I love moths, ravens and muted colors so this was exactly what I wanted (Due to all the different sized smart phones out there, you can even request your dimensions when you buy and get a custom fitted piece if needed).

Rosy Toes DesignsRosy Toes Designs

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Wrist Cary


Other Rosy Toes Designs favorites of mine include the Felted Alpaca Wristwarmer Cuffs, that were featured in Vogue this month, and the Faroese Eco Felted Wool Laptop Tote. Perfect for any girl on my shopping list this year, and of course, that warm fuzzy felted alpaca feeling you get inside when you buy something handmade, is a gift to yourself.

Faroese Eco Felted Wool Laptop Tote

Faroese Eco Felted Wool Laptop Tote:

Classic, practical and beautiful, this felted wool laptop bag is first knit and then felted from organic Faroese Wool in varying stripes of cream, gray, charchoal, light brown and dark brown. The wool comes from the Fa­r­oe Islands, which lie n­­­­orthwest of Scotland and halfway be­tween Iceland and Nor­­way. Over 700 years ago Irish monks brought sheep to the Faroe Islands where they roam free and outnumber their human counterparts 2 to 1. The colors of the wool used to knit this piece are the natural colors of the sheep – no dyes added. Sheep have been sustainably raised on the Faroe Islands since 1298 – BUY ANY PURSE AND GET A SMARTPHONE/IPHONE POCKET CASE AT 50% OFF – USE CODE: SMARTPHONELOVE 

Wristlet Wedding purse

Hand Knit Recycled Silk Jellybean Wristlet:

These beautiful little evening wristlets or pouches will be going to Hollywood! In late September, they will be gifted to members of the press at the GBK Gift Lounge for the Primetime Emmy Awards in conjunction with The Artisan Group. Each is hand knit from recycled sari silk yarn in a range of colors, from a beautiful jade green, to a lovely snow white. The lining is crafted from sari silk remnants or peace silk, depending on my availability. The strap a lovely hand dyed silk ribbon.  – BUY ANY PURSE AND GET A SMARTPHONE/IPHONE POCKET CASE AT 50% OFF – USE CODE: SMARTPHONELOVE 

Dark and Elegant Felted Alpaca Wristwarmer Cuffs

Dark and Elegant Felted Alpaca Wristwarmer Cuffs:

Deep black felted baby alpaca cuffs with swirls of mulberry purple flecked with blue give the wristwarmer cuffs an edgy bohemian feel. They are knit and felted from 100% baby alpaca and embellished with 100% wool roving. They are unbelievably soft and get softer the more they are worn. The cuffs are warm without being bulky, hypoallergenic, and eco friendly.

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