How Denim Saved the Holidays

I’ve had a crazy month, and not only due to Christmas. For the last 2 years we’ve been going to Miami in December to visit friends. Going out every night for 2 weeks while attempting to look as fit as everyone else in the city can be trying. If it wasn’t for my jeans, I don’t think I’d have survived. Once we came home, the holiday madness began around here, and again, my durable, comfortable jeans saved the day.

My favorite jeans at the moment are definitely True Religion designer jeans for women. In Miami, I was happy to rotate the few pairs of jeans I had with my pumps, sandals and boots, all of which worked great with low cut tops and warm evening weather. Whether we went to upscale restaurants or local clubs, I fit in perfectly and didn’t have to bring my entire wardrobe. I took two pairs of ripped jeans for women, two low cut skinny jeans, and my favorite, my high rise super skinny jeans (which always make me feel much taller and slimmer than I actually am).

However, since my return, between holiday shopping and running errands, I’ve found more than one occasion for my True Religion Becky Mid Rise bootcut jeans. They have an amazing sturdy, supportive feel with the right amount of flexibility for running through stores and plenty of room for rain boots. Also, nothing beats the pairing of designer jeans for women and a warm winter cardigan during these cold months – between the two of them, I can eat everything my family dishes out and no one will be the wiser!

True Religion Becky Bootcut Jeans


New Year’s Eve however will require less rain boots and more dancing and after seeing some Miami trends I have my outfit totally planned out. It all starts with a pair of True Religion Casey Vintage Coated Dark Women’s Jean which feature an amazing and daring “ombre” coloration up the legs. They’ll go great with either tall boots or heels, and since I plan on seeing an electronic show before the ball drop, these will look amazing with my new crop jacket and allow me to dance off some of those calories I’ve been consuming.

Casey Vintage Coated Dark No Flap Jeans by True Religion
Casey Vintage Coated Dark No Flap Jeans by True Religion

What I love about denim is that you can look classy and casual at the same and they’re appropriate for nearly any occasion or place (though, maybe not a wedding). I’m definitely a denim girl and really love the variety of shapes, fits and styles of True Religion.

Dress it up and have a great New Years!

D&G cardigan / Braccialini bag / True Religion jeans
D&G cardigan / Braccialini bag / True Religion jeans

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