How do your 2013 holiday plans match up to Kate’s?

Summer 2013 is finally getting into full swing, and for many of us that means booking a last-minute getaway and hunting for the perfect bikini.

After recent newspaper stories, many of us might be wishing we had the resources to holiday like a royal. Gary Goldsmith, brother of Carole Middleton and uncle to Kate and Pippa, recently revealed details of the holiday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent at his luxury villa in Ibiza, during which they apparently enjoyed frolicking in mud baths, stretching out by the private pool and even learning a few DJ skills.

Pic from The Nation: //
Pic from The Nation: //

We can’t all have a private villa and a generous uncle, but special family memories can be made wherever you decide to travel. We’ve all got fond recollections from childhood of appalling weather leading to the most inventive and enjoyable afternoons of the entire holiday, and there’s nothing to stop that happening again. Recent years have seen a boom in ‘staycations’, with families making the most of what the British Isles have to offer, whatever the weather. Whether you visit a charming, classic seaside destination like Brighton, go museum-hopping in London or stay in a historic city like York or Cambridge, there’s plenty to see and do for people of all ages. We can always keep hoping that our eternally unpredictable weather will improve enough to let us show off that summer wardrobe after all.

If you don’t fancy taking the risk, there’s no shortage of sunnier climes abroad. Classic European destinations remain popular, while many are exploring travel to remote, less tourist-heavy areas. Brazil is experiencing a vacation boom, with its annual carnival growing in size and the whole country preparing for the 2016 Olympics, while idyllic Sri Lanka is becoming more accessible for family holidays thanks to airlines increasing the number of flights.

If you do want to stay on the European continent, eastern countries like the Czech Republic and Croatia are a good choice for those looking to escape the tourist trap, both boasting beautiful scenery and dynamic cities to cater to all tastes.

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