How Fashion Industry is Handling Covid-19 Crisis

Due to the coronavirus, sudden and abrupt changes happened to almost every industry. However, the fashion industry caught our eye the most. As shopping centers and malls were closed, people weren’t able to shop or try out different clothes. Without the Internet, this would ruin the entire fashion industry. Luckily, the online world comes to the rescue.

Not every change has to be a bad one. During the coronavirus crisis, many horrible things happened around the world, but every change brings us a tad of hope that keeps us going. The same happened to the fashion industry. Even though the shops were closed, not everything is as bad as it seems as this industry managed to get through the crisis!

1. New brands emerging

Even though we were locked inside our homes, that was an ideal period for creative souls to finally pursue their dreams! Sadly, a lot of businesses had to temporarily or even permanently close their doors, some new ones appeared on the market. Therefore, corona had an impact on the competition. While some brands shut down, others emerged.

What if you want to start your own brand? Creativity isn’t enough if you want to start your own fashion label. You need to develop a solid business plan and start from scratch! If your plan is to succeed in these difficult times, you need to create a fashion brand that will make people’s lives easier, especially during the pandemic.

2. Online shopping is gaining popularity

Even though actual brick-and-mortar shops had to close down due to lockdowns and quarantine, brands used that opportunity to push their products online. Even though online marketing was popular way before the coronavirus appeared, the current situation has helped digital marketing to gain popularity and quickly take over. So, how is that affecting fashion businesses?

Even before the pandemic, there were four different ways to sell your clothes. Now, most brands encourage their customers to stay safe and shop online, which can be both, beneficial and challenging for the business. Some of the benefits may include no rent and utility bills, while downsides are the website expenses. Weigh out both sides and see what works the best for you today.

3. Maintaining contacts with customers

One of the biggest downsides of the coronavirus for fashion businesses is not being able to contact your customers face to face. Direct customer feedback can be crucial for your business. By following their body language and shopping habits, they can help you design or purchase better clothes, keep up with trends and point out the possible mistakes. Sadly, all of that isn’t possible today, so what can you do?

One of the things you can do is ask your customers for feedback after each purchase. It can be a small survey, an open comment section online, or a short video where you’ll gather necessary info about your brand, its strengths, and weaknesses. So, maintain digital contact with customers and gather valuable information and data for your brand.

4. Challenging organization

The most challenging aspect of each business, in the fashion industry and further, was organizing your employees during lockdowns. Since people are used to face-to-face contact, shifting to online work or limiting personal and social contact was extremely difficult for many business owners. So, they tried to manage their businesses in various ways. However, only a few of them were completely successful.

To organize your employees and vendors or distributors during these difficult times, you need a place where you’ll undisturbedly communicate, delegate tasks, and share important information. So, consider getting an app or implementing a platform that can help you achieve your mission. For greater communication and better organization find out more here.  

5. New ways to reach customers

One of the best ways to get out of a business rut and start the change and something new is discovering innovative ways of reaching customers. Promoting your clothing line in the pre-pandemic world was easy. However, you now have a chance to obtain new and loyal customers that will stick by your business. How?

Even though marketing has always involved feelings, to reach your customers in a new or different way, you can use the current situation. A lot of people are afraid of getting sick, so promote your brand as contact-free. Since people can still look fashionable even if they aren’t leaving their homes, you can create a new clothing line with comfy clothes that will make staying at home more bearable.


To wrap up, the fashion business used a lot of different resources to stay afloat. If you have a brand you want to keep running, use these tips and tricks that will help you manage your business and stay on top of the game! Handle the covid-19 crisis better than anyone else and continue pursuing your dreams in the fashion industry.

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