How to Choose a Fashion Accessory For Your Spouse

Choosing a good accessory for your spouse can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all the fashion gurus from all the fashion magazines saying wildly different things as to what looks good and what doesn’t. Put simply, what looks good can’t easily be turned into some formula we can just follow. Each person has a different style that suits them perfectly. From the color of their accessory, down to the size.

To make things easier, however, we’ve compiled the things you need to look out for when shopping for your better half. After we’re done with you, you might think about writing your own article in your own fashion magazine.

Don’t Overdo the Scarf

Let’s start of with a common piece that serves an actual purpose aside from looking pretty – the scarf. Now what it comes to scarves, if you are already wearing a coat that has a big collar, you must skip the scarf. People often make the mistake of adding a huge scarf on top of their oversized collars, which makes them look a bit cumbersome, on top of looking suspicious. In the case where you are already wearing a coat with large collars, you can put some oomph to your outfit by just tying a light kerchief around your neck. You can also put it on your coat.


Go for Matching Pieces

As a general rule, you must wear a full set of matching jewelry. Although there are some fashion gurus who opine that doing this is quite boring, wearing matching jewelry will give you a cohesive look especially if you are donning small pieces of jewelry. Not only that, it will make you look classy. But wearing large pieces of jewelry comes in a completely different rule, which we’ll discuss next.


Keep is Simple

You must never go overboard with your large accessories. You must never wear more than 4 pieces of large jewelry in just one outfit as doing this will make you look like a Christmas tree. Go ahead and wear those large pieces of jewelry. But do try to match them in accordance to their color and the material that they are made from. More importantly, there should not be more than 4 pieces.


Large Rings

Another general rule when it comes to fashion is; lesser is better. When it comes to wearing large rings, it might not work for you. So before you use your coupon codes to buy large rings, you must determine if you have short or thin fingers. Those who have short fingers will never look good if they wear large rings. But this accessory will enhance the look of those who have thin fingers.


Color Coding Gloves

Gloves can keep you warm. But wearing the right colored gloves can make you look elegant. So if you have a collection of gloves, you must check the color of your belt, your shoes or perhaps even your lipstick when looking for the right gloves to wear. They must share the same color as another feature of your outfit. Doing this will tie your entire ensemble.


Black Shoes Against Pastel Clothes

If you are wearing clothes in pastel colors, it will never look good to wear black shoes or any dark colored footwear. It just looks strange as your soft outfit is paired with the harsh footwear. So the next time that you are planning to wear pastel-colored clothes, you might want to pair them with footwear that has a lighter shade. This will give a continuous soft tone to your entire look.

Going Neutral for Culturally-Significant Accessories

If you have accessories that have a cultural significance to them, you must never make the mistake of wearing them with clothes that have bold colors. You will attract attention for wrong reasons. In this scenario, it would be prudent to pair them with neutral-colored clothes. It will not make you look like a walking Christmas tree.

Gifting the right accessory to your spouse will not only make them look classy and improve their self-esteem, they’ll love you for it. Just remember, temper down your urge to wear all of those accessories at the same time, because you will look like a walking Christmas tree.

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