How to Decorate Your Home Like a Fashion Designer

Just because someone has impeccable fashion taste, it doesn’t automatically mean they can translate that gift to their homes. However, in most cases, fashion designers’ homes look absolutely stunning—ready for a shoot for a spread. So if you’re a fashion enthusiast and want to include your design taste into your home as well, here are a few tips on how to decorate your home like a fashion designer. 

Show off your passion for fashion

Don’t hesitate to use some exquisite pieces of wardrobe in your interior as decoration you can also wear. For instance, if you have a nice collection of hats, don’t hesitate to make a display wall with your accessories. Arrange them in a pretty pattern or choose to stack them by color to boost interest and show intention in your design. Or you might choose to take your favorite dress or robe, display it on a mannequin and create a unique sculpture for your home. 

Use art to highlight fashion

Art and fashion go hand in hand, so make sure to use one to highlight the other in your space. The best idea is to find original prints from your favorite designers and frame them on your gallery wall. Or you can gather unique sawing patterns or design sketches and display them in your house. If you want to go deep, use your favorite fashion garment as an inspiration for your art. Play with textures and materials in your art just like fashion designers play with them in their creations. 

Add a few handwork touches

Fashion is something highly tangible and crafty, so many fashion designers choose to honor other crafts and skills by bringing handwork pieces into their space. If you want to take a handcraft route with design pieces, consider items like ceramic pots, hand-painted tiles, woven lampshades and authentic furniture pieces. Beautiful pieces of Amish furniture are beloved by many designers because they contain everything true fashion enthusiasts appreciate: beauty, power, elegance, and most of all, timelessness.  These sturdy furniture pieces contain centuries of human hard work and inspiration, and they offer comfort and beauty to everyone who touches them—that’s the biggest secret of hand-crafted items. 

Experiment with styles

Don’t limit yourself to only one interior design style just like you wouldn’t limite yourself to only one fashion style. Use different textures and materials to create bold eclectic spaces and contrasts—this can be done on a budget in no time. Mixing and matching furniture, metals and patterns is not easy to do, but if you strike the right balance, you’ll achieve design perfection. 

Go bold with wallpaper

Fashion designers are quick to change their minds and embrace new trends, which is why we have so many different fashion shows during the year and new lines every year). If you’re also prone to space improvements and frequent makeovers, stay clear of paint and embrace wallpaper instead. With wallpaper, you can not only be as bold as you want without long-lasting consequences, but you can embrace new trends and show off your interests through your walls. And today, many labels are slowly entering the home design market and you can already find designer wallpaper—grab some from your favorite designer! 

Use interesting finishes

If you don’t want to change your home too much but certainly want to make it more chic, stylish and elegant, try playing with finishes. For instance, a bold glossy finish on your ceiling will create a magical effect of a mirrored room or a reflection in a pond. With this design element, you can play with color, layout and lighting for unique and bold moments designers live for. 

Oftentimes, fashion and interior design are inseparable branches of art. And if you love both equally, why not marry them in your space. Use your love for fashion to improve your interior design (and vice versa) and you’ll achieve that coveted designer look of your home everyone craves.

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