How To Dress Well For Your Age (Without Losing Style)

Dress with style and according to your age, it does not have to be a field full of impediments, prejudices and excuses. By this, we refer to all those recommendations that, more than being authentic guides, are limited to being lists of big NOs, based on arguments such as “you will look ridiculous”, “you will seem immature” and “you will look out of place”. 

And if. Neither do we have to abuse and understand what is expected of us in certain situations or how we should attend this or that place; We would never show up to a wedding in a tank top or go to a business meeting in sandals with stockings, would we? At least, not now. The point is that we must indeed push the limits of dress code; pay attention to our age, but not establish prohibitions based on a supposed elegance or “property”,

For this reason, we have identified three great eras in the life of a man —although, of course, these are neither restrictive nor the only ones. To begin with, the stage of discovery and knowing where you want to go; then the professional type who demonstrates confidence and style wherever he goes. 

Finally, that of maturity, when we talk about a well-established and more casual personality. The first covers from 18 to 29, the second from 30 to 59, and the last from 60 onwards.

From 18 To 29: Use What You Like Best, But…

Choose a concept or a word that encompasses everything. You can have the style you want, but consider very well what you are going to do during the day. Go to school? Going on a first date, going out with your partner, going to a party, asking for your first job? 

Based on this, choose which garments you will wear and that they all join that word that you established. It can be classic, hipster, non-binary, mysterious, professional and endlessly more. Just “stick to the script.”

From 18 To 29: Play

That is, vary your appearance. You are in the age that we have called discovery. That means you are now experimenting with who to associate with, what kind of job you want, and what your goals are. All of that—among many other things—impacts the way you dress. 

So if one day you feel comfortable wearing khakis and polo shirts to college, do it; if another deserves to wear all black and skirts —very much like Rick Owens—, don’t stop; 

If you’ve discovered that suits aren’t your thing and you need a job where you can go to in sneakers, get it. These variations will help you discover your style and, more importantly, who you are.

From 18 To 29: Learn To Wear Jewelry

One of the worst mistakes we have made as a society is accustoming the male gender to not wear jewellery. Very poorly done when it comes to dressing with style. Any piece of jewellery can completely change what you are wearing and make you look more sexy, professional, sophisticated, powerful, confident, relaxed and more. It all depends, of course, on the purpose for which you do it. This basic Chalamet look wouldn’t be the same without those bangles.

From 30 To 59: Mindful Of Your Body

And your tastes. Entering the professional stage of your life, you should already know what is the best fit you can get. At this age you are most likely wearing a fair amount of blazers and dress pants; If not, maybe your wardrobe is already full of everything that makes you feel happy and comfortable, which may well be sweaters and chinos. 

In any case, according to Anvisha the best thing you can do is “dress in your correct size” and have a wide collection of garments that fit you perfectly. Love to dress your body type, respect it and make it shine.

From 30 To 59: Trust The Basics

You can dress as you want and in the colours that you like the most, but something key is that you always build your looks based on the designs that have accompanied us all our lives —straight jeans, tanks, blazers, tennis shoes— and from there you start in your own address. A simple and classic starting line gives the necessary signals for your creativity.

From 30 To 59: Don’t Listen To Others

We are all aware that you will make mistakes. There will also be days when you “overdress” and it looks like your wardrobe has exploded on top of you. From that one learns. But turn a deaf ear when someone tells you things like “40-year-olds can’t wear tennis shoes”, “at 30 you should say goodbye to sneakers” and “you should always wear a belt”. All those comments are useless and clearly come from people who have no idea about fashion, and that trends are not exclusive to “young” men.

60 And Up: Be True To Your Style

In other words: if during your work week, you are a man in a suit, but on days off you are convinced to always wear oversized jeans and T-shirts, who are we to say no? By now you know what you need to know and you’ve made the choices you needed to make. 

60+ : Smartly Casual

The previous point does not eliminate, in any case, that you should have a basic stock of smart casual garments that provide sobriety and balance to your person; at the end of the day, from a grown man, we expect character and quiet security. Something this code can give you with chino pants, Harrington jackets, wool coats, polo shirts and brogues.

Ages 60 And Up — Go For Simple Sophistication

When necessary, instead of wearing a classic white shirt with your suit or your usual derby shoes, throw on a turtleneck or suede boots with a slight heel. Wool pants, velvet blazers, and casual tennis shoes can also work.

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