How to Equip the Elderly Abroad

For a variety of reasons, you’ll not see many elderly people traveling abroad. There’s a smattering on package coach tours and a good amount on all-inclusive cruises, but when it comes to marauding around a new country with confidence, the elderly rarely consider independent travel on option. Whether you’re elderly yourself or you’re reading this on behalf of a loved one you’d love to take away or plan for, this article walks you through the equipment and accessories that’ll grant peace of mind to all elderly travelers taking an adventurous plunge abroad.



The older demographic may be less concerned with fashion than younger generations, but clothing is still a crucial aspect to get right for elderly travelers. Practicality is what you’re aiming at, which means light and breezy shirts, shorts, trousers, and dresses. Linen offers wonderful breathability in the heat, while flannel offers that bit of extra warmth for when the sun goes down. All clothes should be quick-to-dry, and the wearer should, most importantly, feel comfortable in whatever they are wearing.



First and foremost, it’s essential that elderly people wear sun protection. A large hat that covers the head, face and shoulders is perfect, and likewise, some UV-protected sunglasses will keep the harmful effects of excess sunlight from harming those who are slightly more frail than they once were. A pair of sturdy sandals might be the perfect footwear in the heat, while some grippy and reliable boots work best in less warm climes. If you expect to need a walking stick for balance, ensure you can get it through security and onto the plane.


Then there are the items that elderly people need which are specific to their health condition and ability to move independently. No matter how frail an older person might be, there is no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy the wonders of affordable world travel – all you need to do is invest in the right extra equipment. Find wheelchairs for sale here, for instance, which fold up and can be taken through airports and easily packed for those who prefer not to be on their feet. Ensure you’ve packed more than enough medication, and that a first aid kit prepared for anything is included in your suitcase.



If you’re helping an elderly relative prepare for a holiday, or you yourself are readying to get away, it’s a wise idea to pack with you a smartphone or tablet which will, in most tourist destinations, help you out of many sticky situations. Download the translation apps that will help you communicate with locals, map apps to help you get around, and have your emergency numbers and health details saved somewhere that they can be found easily. Having a device on you will grant you and your loved ones some peace of mind for the duration of your time abroad.

There’s no reason whatsoever that elderly people shouldn’t enjoy a good old-fashioned galivant across the world, and this article should prepare them in terms of what equipment to pack.

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