How To Get Cute, Trendy Street Style When You’re Broke AF

Street style fashion has been around for years. In the 70s and 80s, colorful trends with unusual cuts were the fad. As street fashion evolved, different groups emerged that set themselves apart from the rest of society, like hippies, rockers, punks, goths, and bikers. The point of street style is to show your own personality through clothing that expresses your uniqueness. Today, these trends can range widely from baggy clothes to graphic tees and sneakers, and other designs that are eye-catching and bold. They may be inspired by modern hip-hop, skateboarding, overseas influences, or be throwbacks to past fads. It’s easy to pull-off high fashion when you’ve got money, but how can you do it on a budget?

Browse Thrift Stores

When you live in an urban area, it’s easy to find a variety of thrift stores, from your standard Goodwills to second-hand consignment shops that sell more well-known brands of clothing. Thrift stores can harbor hidden gems from the past or even fairly new clothing. The unique unknowns offer the thrill of sifting through clothes in thrift shops. You can find a sassy pair of tight, ornate jeans for under $10! Or create your own street style trends by cutting and ripping them without feeling bad about it. As you shop these stores, ask employees which days they stock new items to their shelves, so you can hit the shop as soon as new items arrive for sale. That way, you’ll get the primo picks to yourself!

Shop Ebay

Your go-to online thrift store is eBay. It’s an amazing resource for finding obscure and vintage styles with the click of a button. While some people are trying to sell vintage items at super high price tags, you’ll also find people who just want to make a quick buck on old items they want to discard. You’ll need to be savvy and do some sifting to find the best deals and styles, but it can be worth the time. Plus, it’s easy to do while you’re hanging at home with nothing better to do!

Layer It Up

Layering clothing is an easy way to create depth and add visual interest to your outfit. Not to mention, you get the added benefit of temperature control. You can achieve layering by mixing and matching clothing you already have. For example, instead of wearing just a short skirt and sneakers, throw some leggings and a pair of boots under that mini skirt on for a look that commands attention. Adding a blazer over any top can pump up your style, too. Jackets and blazers are also one of those items that can be worn again and again with basic wardrobe essentials.

Loud Prints and Colors

Like we mentioned earlier, street style is meant to draw extra attention and make you stand out from the crowd. That means you might wear outrageous prints and loud colors that you wouldn’t for any other occasion. Luckily, crazy prints and bright colors are available at tons of stores, even outlets and Big Box retailers like Walmart. While the average Joe and Jane might pass these items up as garish, you can scoop them up for yourself.

Add Cheap Accessories

Big Box retailers can also have a great stock of cheap accessories. Look for plastic sunglasses that remind you of the 80s, bandanas in tons of colors that can be used as headwear, armbands, bracelets, or accessories for your purse, and baseball caps that scream ‘sporty’. Some big hoop earrings or other colorful costume jewelry accessorize your outfit with flare! Gold-colored necklaces and rings, and glass ‘diamonds’ can make you look flashy without breaking the bank.

Head to The Men’s Department For Basics

It may seem odd to head to the men’s department, but many men’s clothing and accessory items are priced more cheaply than their ‘female’ equivalents. Try pricing out the differences between simple tank top undergarments, socks, grooming tools, and tee shirts. You might also find some cool graphic tee styles that just aren’t offered in the women’s section. Even sunglasses can easily cross gender lines, like aviators.

Trade Clothes With Friends

Have you been eyeing up your bestie’s wardrobe? Maybe they’d like to trade some clothing items they’re bored with. Asking if they’d like to do some swapping can’t hurt, and most people enjoy getting some new styles without having to spend a dollar. So bag up the stuff that’s collecting dust in your closet and head over to a friend’s house with a bottle of wine!

Street style doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy high price tag clothing from the hippest designers. It simply means dressing to express yourself in any way you can. Maybe you want to rock a fanny pack with baggy sweatpants and old sneakers. Do you and don’t care what others think!      

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