How To Give Every Man A Better Complexion

Healthy skin is essential for men and women who want to look fashionable. The routine for healthy skin shouldn’t differ much regardless of gender, but the causes of unhealthy skin certainly do. If you are or know a gentleman looking to improve their skin, consider these tips about healthier eating habits, the need for exercise to reduce the risk of skin conditions, and the usefulness of moisturizing and hydrating skin to prevent premature wrinkles and aging.

Track The Amount Of Oil In Your Diet

Studies show that men have a tendency to eat red meat, starchy foods like potatoes, and more oily foods than women do. But the oils in the food you consume often bleed into the skin after being processed, and the body attempts to excrete these oils through sweating and pores. So, the first step to cleaner skin is to change your diet to have fewer fats and oils in it, which can noticeably improve acne or skin complexion on its own.

Exercise Has Many Benefits

Our second tip is to exercise regularly. In fact, three hours of exercise a week has been proven to slow apparent aging in skin, and possibly the process of aging as a whole. As mentioned before, sweating is also how the body removes oils and impurities trapped beneath the layers of your skin. So, exercise regularly, use a shower to remove the sweat afterward, and you should see your skin improve as a result of your hard work.

Replace The Water You Use

Finally, don’t fall for the misunderstanding that men shouldn’t use some form of moisturizer. Even water works in this case. As we work throughout the day or spend time under the sun, our body draws water out of our skin first in the form of sweat. This constant cycle of dehydration causes wrinkles and ruins smooth complexions. The best way to prevent this is to use a moisturizer or water in the middle of the day, to rehydrate your skin.

Keeping it Clear

The perception that men sweat more and eat hardier meals may not be entirely true, but it didn’t appear for no reason. If you want the skin of a gentleman, remember that exercising regularly not only keeps you fit, it helps your skin with the natural detoxing process. What you eat also has an influence on the number of oils on your skin, so remember to maintain a healthy diet. And finally, avoid dehydrating yourself, as it can have a lasting negative impact on the health of your skin.

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