How to Look Fresh Even if You Don’t Feel It

All of us go through periods where we do things perfectly; we go to bed early, drink moderately, eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and veggies, and just generally take good care of ourselves. We also, of course. Go through periods of excess where we stay up partying, with a few too many cocktails, all night, eat fast food and slob out in front of the TV instead of hitting the gym. When we’re living in the latter way, it often shows in our face and we look exactly as fresh as we feel. Which is to say not very fresh at all. It doesn’t have to be like that!


It is possible to look amazingly fresh faced even when you don’t feel it, you just have to employ a few clever tricks…


Always Remove Your Makeup

If you do nothing else, make sure that you always remove your makeup at night. No matter how much you’ve had to drink or how late you get in of an evening, if you do this, your skin will be in much better condition the next morning and going forward. If you need to, keep some cleansing wipes beside your bed to make it easier for you. There are few things that will make as much of an impact on your freshness than this.


Wear Sunscreen

Another thing that will help you no end is ensuring that you always apply sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. It should also protect against UVA and UVB rays. Why? Because it will help you to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun which cause fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. It’s far easier to look fresh-faced if you have good skin to start with, and no matter how hard you party, if you have a good foundation to work with, you will be able to disguise any issues.


Perk Up Your Tired Eyes


One of the biggest giveaways that you haven’t been as virtuous as you could be,a nd something that makes you look extremely fatigued is tired eyes. When your eyes are dark, narrow and red, you will not look your best, but likely there are at least 13 ways to wake up your tired eyes that you can try. Perhaps, one of the most effective things you can do is to splash your eyes with hot water, then cold, repeating for a couple of minutes, then use concealer on any dark circles. Once you’ve banished them, curl your lashes to make your eyes appear wider and brighter.


Apply Some Lavender Eyeshadow

Another thing that’s pretty good for freshening up your eyes after a heavy night is lavender eyeshadow. If you apply a slick to your lids, it will brighten your eyes considerably, while also opening them up, especially if you also add a little highlighter to each corner of your eyes for a natural looking glint.


Exfoliate to Wake Up Your Skin

If you’re hungover, your skin probably looks dull and ashen, which isn’t exactly fresh, so you’re going to want to change that b y exfoliating your skin. To get the best results, you should ideally use an exfoliating product that contains apha hydroxy acid, which will get rid of dead skin and reveal a fresh new complexion better than pretty much anything else you can think of. Alternatively, if you have a good dermatologist, you could see him or her about getting a glycolic peel which will have longer lasting results.


Apply a Luminescent Foundation


If your skin is just looking a little wan, perhaps after a night of too little sleep, then you could use a luminescent foundation as a quick fix. This will give your face more of a glow where you need it. Combine with a tinted moisturizer and it will liven you up significantly.


Blow the Cobwebs Away with Blusher

If you’re sick or sleep-deprived and it has caused you to look pretty washed out, then you cannot beat using a blusher to give you more color. Simply apply your concealer and foundation as normal, then add a healthy does of blush, being careful to blend it so that you don’t look like a circus clown or a little girl who’s found mommy’s makeup for the first time, and add a little tinted lip balm to your lips. You’ll look so much healthier, even if you still feel terrible.


Moisturize and Conceal Redness

If you’re suffering from a cold and all of that blowing your nose and rubbing your eyes has led to lots of redness, the first thing you are going to want to do is apply a gentle, soothing moisturizer to your skin.  Pure aloe vera gel is good for this as it really will soothe any irritation you’re feeling, as well, as reducing the redness. Once you’ve let that sink in, apply a concealer that best matches your skin tone and blend it. Then, even if you don’t apply any more makeup, you will look a million times better.


Use a Darker Foundation to Disguise Pallid Skin

If you’re suffering from pallid skin, maybe because you haven’t been eating as many fruits, vegetables and good fats as you should do lately, or because you’ve been spending too much time indoors and haven’t caught much sun, there’s a really quick fix: simply buy a foundation that is a shade or two darker than your current skin tone. Find a shade that would match your skin when you’re at your healthiest nd apply it to the areas of your face that would naturally catch the sun, such as your nose, cheekbones and chin. Blend it carefully and make sure that it is only one or two tones darker, unless you like the oompa loompa look that is, and you will look great.


You may also want to add a little sweep of bronzer, but if you plan to do that and you have any wrinkles or fine lines at all, avoid shimmery products as they will catch the light in all of the wrong ways and make you look older than you actually are.


Drink Lots of Water

Even if you aren’t doing anything else right, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day. This will help to flush out toxins and keep your skin looking fresh, glowing and clear. It’s pretty easy, if you carry a water bottle everywhere with you, to get in enough water, no matter how hectic he rest of your schedule might be, so do it.



Yes, it might be simple, but smiling can really help you to look fresher than you really are. Think about it, when you’re tired and hungover, do you tend to smile or are you more likely to wear a frown? Simply by smiling and looking like you’re happy, you can convince people that you are, so if you’re feeling too lazy to try anything else, try this and see how much better you feel.


Put Your Sunglasses On

Another cheat’s way to look fresh even when you are anything but is to put on a pair of sunglasses. They will instantly give you a lift and hide those dark circles and bloodshot eyes that are a dead giveaway. So, buy a pretty pair of Ray-bans and practice confidently wearing your sunglasses even when the sun isn’t shining. If the movie starts can do it, why shouldn’t you?


The best way to look fresh is to live right, but we can’t always do that, so use these tricks when you need to!

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  1. These are very true. These things can make you look fresh especially smiling. Even if you are not wearing any make-up, if you will keep on smiling, you will always look fresh.

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