How to Upscale Your Accessorizing

Accessories. Is there any complete look without them? Also, what would we do if we had no accessories to make our outfits more interesting with? More and more people pay attention to accessories and they are so important that more often than not they make or break your final look. This means that you can look a million dollars or have an outfit that is worth a million dollars, but if you choose the wrong accessories and you mismatch them, the whole look can go to waste. This is why it’s good to know how to upscale your accessorizing and how to properly wear them. If you think you need extra help in this department or you simply want to know if there is something you can change, stay tuned.

Stack bracelets for a casual look

If you are a teenager or a young adult, this is the look that you are probably rocking, which is a great thing as stacking bracelets on top of each other is a great teen look. However, even if you are older, this might be a great way to make your casual look a bit more interesting. This is an amazing game as well, as you get to combine different colors, textures and patterns, thus making a unique look that you will like. Of course, the seriousness of your bracelet combination will depend on the quality and elegance of your jewelry, but the good thing is that you can play this with expensive pieces as well. Having plenty of bracelets on top of each other is very popular and can look amazing, as long as you make good matches. Match elegant with elegant, and playful and colorful with neutral.

Make it more interesting with a watch

The best way to make every outfit more interesting is by adding a watch to the mix. Sure, bracelets, rings and necklaces are great, but the look might be quite incomplete if you do not add a watch. In order to do this the right way, make sure to get yourself a high-quality watch that is also quite pretty, like these free spins. For example, having a fashionable Japanese automatic watch is a great way to play around with your outfit and your look in a completely unique way. You can choose the colors that you want and combine them nicely with the color of your outfit. Add earrings and a ring, let’s say, and you have yourself a very well-played game of accessorizing.

Keep it minimalistic

There are two ways in which you can play the game of accessorizing. The first one is the game that we mentioned – that is, choosing unique and interesting pieces to combine them with your casual look, or stacking bracelets on top of each other. But if you want a more formal look, make sure to go minimalistic. This is how you will turn your focus from your accessories to your outfit and, most importantly, you, while using the accessories just to add that dash of interesting that you need. Being minimalistic with jewelry means being professional and this is what will tell your employers and other employees to take you seriously.

Stacking necklaces, as well

Apart from stacking bracelets, you can also stack necklaces. This is incredibly popular right now, but there are certain rules that you need to follow. Namely, rule number one is that, if you want to stack necklaces on your outfit, make sure to leave your wrists empty – choose a watch or a simple bracelet and that’s that. Also, do not stack necklaces of different sizes and make sure that all of them are equally thick. or, to better say, thin. Thin necklaces of different lengths give that depth to a certain look. Leave the thick ones for another opportunity and always wear them as standalones.

Earring combo

Earrings are an essential part of a woman’s look. Yes, all women wear earrings – some choose to wear small ones, others go over the top, and all is good. Even though you can choose to go with both, make sure that your combination with other accessories is good, though. If you opt for big earrings that are quite memorable, do not overdo it with the necklaces and bracelets. Always choose one body part to be your focal point, and that is the part that you want to over-accessorize. 

The world wouldn’t be the same without accessories. You might think this sentence is too much, but think carefully – imagine a world without accessories. How boring would that be! This is why we need to make the most of what we have and always find new ways to use accessories in the right way and make our outfits and our own personality richer and more interesting.

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