How To Wear Tie-Dye in Winter

When you hear “tie-dye”, it may make you think of summertime and homemade tee shirts, but tie-dye is also a fun type of pattern that can be worn in winter. To pull it off, you’re going to have to break out of the norm and try some out-of-the-box styles. Here are some cute and trendy ways we like to wear tie-dye in winter. 

Long-Sleeve Tie-Dye Dresses

While short-sleeve, bright, and colorful dresses are great looks for warm weather, long-sleeve dresses are nice to have on chilly days. Add a pair of black or grey leggings that you can easily pair with any color to keep your legs warm. Unique boutique dresses and leggings also go well with cute winter boots. Our favorite tie-dye dresses for winter aren’t actually colorful either. Subdued tones of brown, tan, blue, and gray make a tie-dye dress compliment the winter season.

Hair Accessories

Scrunchies and headbands are making a comeback as a blast from the past. People who were kids in the 90s know all about this look. Breathing life back into old fads, video games, music, and clothing styles gives us a warm sense of nostalgia that we love. Scrunchies and headbands in tie-dye are just a small piece of the 90s styles that have resurfaced. Tie-dye lifestyle accessories give your outfit a pop of color and a bit of playfulness. Headbands and scrunchies pair well with other 90s styles, like retro band tees and jean jackets.   

Neck Warmers, Scarves, & Gloves

Popular winter color schemes include neutral colors, hues of blue, black, and white. It’s easy to match tie-dye patterns by using these tones in the tie-dye itself, or by going with the traditional bright and colorful tie-dye. In a winter where people need to wear face masks wherever they go, neck warmers are becoming a popular choice to keep the chill off your neck and double as a face mask. Infinity scarves and gloves with touchscreen fingertips are also a trendy way to rock some tie-dye. 

Colorful Leggings

Standard leggings in black, brown, and gray are easy to pair with colorful or neutral-toned outfits. If you want to add color and patterns to your little black dress or gray skirt, colorful tie-dye is the way to do it! Tie-dye leggings also look great as bottoms by themselves when you pair them with a long sleeve shirt, sweater, or hoodie. Grab a little attention with them while you’re working out at the gym, or just wear them as a comfy option to relax around the house.

Tie-dye definitely isn’t just for hippies. Tie-dye creates unique patterns that add interest to any outfit. Try something new this winter and create some trendy ensembles with tie-dye dresses, bottoms, and accessories. You can shop online for great tie-dye apparel or get creative and make your own tie-dye clothing. 

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