I Wear Glasses: My New Prescription Sunglasses from Firmoo

I’ve never been happy about the fact that I wear glasses. For as long as I can remember I used to neglect them, lose them…I once sat on them by accident as a kid and had to wear broken ones for months.

When I was about 23, I finally got contacts.  I couldn’t have been happier til I realized my eyes still needed breaks. When I discovered Firmoo’s ultra affordable prescription sunglasses, all my troubles were over! I could rest my eyes a few days a week if needed and no one would be the wiser. I still wear regular  glasses indoors, also Firmoo, but I would prefer to wear these stylish prescription sunglasses when out and about.

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I’m comparing both the regular and sunglass prescription to my so called “high quality” Ray-ban glasses that I had previously.  So far my Firmoo ones have surpassed them on both structural quality and lens quality.  On the glasses I got the anti-scratch and anti-glare coating and on the sunglasses,  just the anti scratch (you can even get polarizing for a small fee). So far the lenses on both are far easier to clean with a handy cleaning cloth that came along with, as opposed to my Ray-bans where I practically had to use dish soap to get some grease off.  Mind you,  ray-ban didn’t make the lenses, just the frames, but we paid hundreds for them and I have plenty of complaints about the frames as well.

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The Firmoo frames are sturdy and hinges of good quality.  I got the F039(C1) glasses frame and the F1010(C2) in sunglasses.  So far they don’t pinch my head or slide down my face at all, both huge problems with my Ray-bans, which I had adjusted time and time again til it was more trouble than it was worth. If I even slightly looked down I’d become Ms.Granny Glasses, with my frames at the end of my nose. I’ve gone hiking,  rode my motorcycle and used my Firmoo’s a lot in the time I’ve had them and they remain strong and firmly on my face.

The sunglasses also have a little dragon detail on the sides, which makes them a little different from everyone elses and if your like me and have about 20 pairs of sunglasses, easy to tell apart.


After I got my prescription refilled, sans insurance, and bought a year of contact lenses, Firmoo was a HUGE relief. Compared to all my other costs involved and what I paid for my old Ray-bans,they are by far the highest quality for the lowest price out there. They have a huge variety of frames and lens and treatment options, more than my optician ever offered, and you can have any glasses tinted and made into sunglasses for next to nothing.

I highly recommend them! I’m going to get myself several frames just so I have lots of options for riding, reading, spares in the car, whatever.

Check them out at Firmoo.com!

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