Independent Fashion Brands to Watch Out for 2020

Nowadays, there is an abundance of fashion brands which can be hard to keep up with. On occasion, you hear about an upcoming brand and their one amazing collection only to vanish without a trace in the next season!

So, we have compiled a list of established independent fashion brands to watch next year in 2020! Read on if you want to stay ahead of the game.


“Sustainable” and “ethical” are the big words that are making waves in the fashion industry. Kowtow is a New Zealand fashion brand which champions their Indian farmers and their work within raw materials. Even their buttons are sourced from recyclable materials, and their dyes are chemically-free! Pair this idea with their relaxed everyday Kiwi style, you’re already in trend.


Mens Streetwear that offers a unique style combined with a complete variety of garments. With oversized skull tees and acid wash styles catching everyone’s eye, the brand is currently killing it! To match the range of mens graphic t-shirts are also utility cargo trousers and skinny jeans, created to stand out from other brands.


Established in 2011, Riyka has been around the sustainable fashion scene for a while, and are predicted to make big news this year with sustainable fashion being in the limelight. The married couple founders, Rebecca and Vedran focuses on basic and timeless designs for their brand. In addition, it is their conviction to use materials that has minimal influence on the environment by promoting zero-waste with their suppliers, and working on a small scale! Reasons why you should watch this brand? They have already been stocked on popular fashion e-commerce store, Yoox!

Chinatown Market 

A fun brand that was created in the heart of LA. Chinatown Market is a streetwear brand that offers much more than clothing. With rugs, tennis rackets, tents and basketball hops being just a hint of the variety to their collects. The brand can be identified with is iconic ‘smiley face’ logo added to most of their products. It’s an affordable luxury brand that offers a lot of design and creativity on their garments.


After graduating from the prestigious London College of Fashion, designers – Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky have partnered to create Rixo in 2015! Their collections are inspired by vintage wear whilst being contemporary. What’s more, Rixo prides themselves on not using any artificial material in their collection, which enhances the natural feel of their brand! After three years in the business, it looks like they are here to stay!

So, 2020 is a big year for independent fashion brands! From futuristic styles coming from Faded to paying homage to vintage wear by Rixo, and the rise of sustainable fashion, the fashion industry has never been more exciting!

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