Interview: Abel Fakel

Abel Fakel is visually irresistible and stylistically one of the most original designers I’ve seen. Their work is reminiscent of times long past; Times when craftsmanship and pride in an artist’s individual piece meant everything. Quality fabrics, beautiful details and thoughtful tailoring to each gorgeous piece.   Try to imagine 19th century “arts and crafts movement”,   meets 20th century movie stars, meets 21st century unstoppable cool.

On top of their amazing creations, their inspirations and anti-inspirations will fill nearly anyone with warm feelings; feelings that give us hope for the design industry overall – maybe even mankind. Sometimes I go to far, but anyone who lists “20’s century arts, Russian literature, futurism, New-York’s subcultures, architecture, Paris, Islam, landscapes and expensive champagne.” as their inspirations while being “totally not inspired by corporate thinking, consumerism and plastic surgery” is awesome in my book, and in my blog.



Abel Fakel is:
Catherine Chechnya
& Andrew Klen
Kyiv, Ukraine
2 years in design

S.F.W.: How did you get into designing such gorgeous creations?

A.F.: It all began with a vital necessity to make people more
attractive. So we started experimenting with ourselves and some close
friends. We were doing great, so that wasn’t really difficult to get

S.F.W.: What does the name Abel Fakel come from?

A.F.: It’s all about simple reconstruction: Abel Fakel = Fake + Label.
This math comes from our true desire to be independent. By the way,
word “fakel” means “torch” – you can see it on the emblem.

S.F.W.:What inspires your designs?

A.F.: Here is a short-list: 20’s century arts, Russian literature,
futurism, New-York’s subcultures, architecture, Paris, Islam,
landscapes, expensive champagne. And we are totally not inspired by
corporate thinking, consumerism and plastic surgery.


(click on any image for a larger view)

S.F.W.:What is your design philosophy (examples: fun, minimalism,
whatever comes to you etc) ?

A.F.: Our philosophy is pretty simple – a design should be luxury,
comfortable, kitsch and cheap at the same time. Also we try to keep it
exclusive – only 5 Abel Fakel designs of the same kind are available.

S.F.W.:What is your favorite style for a night out?

A.F.: For a chick: tight white mini-dress with long sleeves, short
turquoise kimono-coat with sparrows’n’flowers prints and white fur
collar, transparent varnish boots on blue heels.

For a man: indigo mini-shorts with arrows and cuffs, white cardigan
with small gold anchors in the heart-zone, blue-white striped
“telnyashka” and white leather moccasins.

By the way, that’s how our future collection will look like :)

S.F.W.:Favorite designers?

A.F.: Oscar de la Renta, Viktor and Rolf, Hussein Chalayan – we like
these guys but it doesn’t mean we try to follow their principles and


S.F.W.:Ultimate goals for your designs?

A.F.: We just want our outfits to be attractive for people around the
whole world. Also we wish Abel Fakel designs could make our customers
a bit happier.

S.F.W.:Do you Have any runway shows coming up?

A.F.: We try to pass Ukrainian podium and get invitations from more
competent fashion-representatives.

S.F.W.:Which magazines if any do you read? favorites?

A.F.: We are fond of Vogue (what a surprise), AD, Esquire, Pop, Nylon,
Foreign Literature, GQ, W.

S.F.W.: Where can people find/buy your designs (examples: website,
stores, custom orders etc)?

A.F.: Everything we’ve got for today is on // We
make clothes for friends, so feel free to contact us anytime and get



Check out their website.

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