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Bratislava, Slovakia Street Photography by Juraj Bartoš

Juraj Bartoš has been a photographer for 40+ years, mainly on the side of street photography. He may be one of the oldest Slovakian photographers to record fashion trends in the 80s up to today as well as the daily life in his own neighbourhood. Looking through is blog, he has easily become of my favorite street photographers. His fashion photography is without a doubt my favorite style, not posed, and not stalkerly either. All his…

Ze! Malaysian Electropop
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Fashion Icon: Ze! – Electropop Glam-Core Awesome!

Ze! is the Fashion Icon of the week here at Street Fashion Worldwide and there’s no need for an explanation. Her outfits scream ZE! and reflect her electropop glam-core music and personality in a colorful and memorable way. No one can resist her eye-poppingly original outfits or her highly danceable up-beat music and personality – not even those of you who like to keep things a little more conservative. She will grab your head and yank…

Simpel Slap Watches!

Simpel Watches With a Timeless Kick

The folks at Simpel have certainly come up with something genius in the form of their Simple Switch Watch! Their take on the timeless timepiece perfectly captures and encapsulates the zeitgeist of yesteryear, the ’80s slap bracelet’ and the ‘switch and mix’ watches – two things I cherished greatly as a ratty banged 80s kid. The watch itself emulates the classic slap bracelet that we all have no doubt attempted to emblazon upon our wrists at…

Patty's Closet - Portland Oregon
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Patty’s Closet – Nob Hill, Portland Grand Opening

Patty’s Closet will be opening their doors for the first time in Oregon this weekend, starting the celebration Saturday (12/10) at 10am, where shoppers will get 20% off their entire purchase, and goody bags will be handed out to the first 50 people to make purchases! With their roots and several locations in Las Vegas, Patty’s Closet will be the new kid on the trendy NW 23 block with their first out-of-state location! Nob Hill is…

street fashion at Jolie Cafe & Cocoa Bar by takinyerphoto
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“Style without Boundaries” EyeEm Street Fashion Contest!

Got a phone? I bet you do! Most of you probably have an iPhone or Android phone with a pretty good camera,  possibly a neglected one. If your looking for a photo sharing app for your phone that does it all, and encourages your smashing style, check out my new favorite App, EyeEm. EyeEm allows you to edit and enhance your photos with several awesome effects, submit them to all the top social networks, and even…

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Holga-Rific Thursday

We love Holga photos and not enough people use holgas for fashion! We found a girl from the group who also happens to be a designer living in Israel. Her, Dania, and her partner Yoram base their fashion takeover in California and Tel Aviv. Their jackets, dresses and accessories are made with the highest quality deadstock material sourced from around the world and they work with artists to create material never before seen or conceived whenever…

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Mexico Blog Love

We were recently contacted by a blog in Mexico about a link swap. Finding out about blogs or shops in Mexico is not something that happens very often and when I was there last I didnt have much time to shop in Mexico City.  Cool Hunter Mexico – www.coolhuntermx.com is a great example of a street fashion blog for many reasons. They’re really original in their presentation, as if influenced by but not imitating every other street fashion…

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Paper Wallet, a Fashionable Earth Day Solution!

No one can deny that everyone is getting really serious about eco friendly style and something that goes hand in hand with eco-fashion these days, is simplicity. Just in time for earth day and in the spirit of saving money (only $9-$13.50 with my promo code streetfashion) and the planet, Paper Wallet is my choice for 2010. Paper Wallet proves you don’t have to be a hippie to be eco friendly. I spent the last 10…

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New Orleans

left out, originally uploaded by Katya Killer of Light. Street art on Magazine Street in New Orleans. This town is pretty great. Lots of great style, if your in the right neighbourhood. On one end of town you have the areas devastated (and still are) by Katrina and on the other you have hip latte drinking hipsters. The south is really interesting that way. The crime rate is high and just walking to the store in…