Israeli Street Fashion Sets the Standard!

iLook Israel is the number one Israeli street fashion blog and a major contributor to the Street Fashion Worldwide flickr group. Please check out their site and give them some love! They feature some of most original street fashion I’ve seen, complimented by great photography. Every photo is taken with awesome backdrops, whether on purpose or coincidental, makes the photos awesome and compliments the styles even more. Go iLook!

Some of my favorite creative designers from Israel, and Tel Aviv particularly has some major shopping opportunities – lots of young people, artists, travelers and fashion lovers fill the main shopping streets of Tel Aviv.  Israel may be in the middle east but it’s nothing at all like other middle eastern countries. Street Art, design, music and fashion pour out of the bustling streets of Tel Aviv like a biblical flood of awesome.


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DSCF6488 copy

DSCF6545 copy

פורסם במוסף "זמנים מודרנים"

Check out their blog here:
iLook Isreal

and their fashion full flickr here!:
iLook Israel Flick

6 thoughts on “Israeli Street Fashion Sets the Standard!

  1. But its original. I like the first girl, not really sure what is special about the cloths in the second pic.

  2. Its just to show the kinds of things people are wearing there, in addition to originality. Not allot of people are willing to wear jumpsuits. Israel sets the standard mostly because of the blog mentioned, great photos say allot about the style of the people.

  3. I can say from experience living there that in general Israelies dress like crap. Most stores sell terrible cheap local clothes, and even if some malls have good brands they cost 2 times as much then the rest of the world and most Israelies cant afford nice things. Men usually dress like gigolo’s. They dont know anything about foot wear. And most woman wear synthetic shoes or cheap shoes that have thick rubber soles. I could go on and on..

  4. Im not saying I dont agree, I dated an Israeli guy for a year and clothing never came in the the relationship as it was pointless to talk about, but iLook does a great job of finding the people who DO dress good and try to beat the standard. Lots of other countries have cheap local manufacturing and fly by night fashion stores, imports are always expensive.. this isn’t exclusive to Israel, The point is to try to find people who think beyond what is available to them and manage to be creative anyway. That is what street fashion is.. not stuff you buy in a mall or “local” clothing stores, it’s creativity period.

  5. iLook doesn’t let you post your own look to it, that would be cooler. I live in Tel Aviv and there’s so much more to the fashion scene here than in those pics. Unfortunately clothes are very expensive here. My blog focuses on Israeli fashion designers who make the quality stuff, knowing what’s out there and what to invest in can help you looking styling can help you suss whats out there for your personal style and what you want to splurge for. Also there are so many fashion “markets” where the designers all get together and sell their stuff discounted.

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