Juma Scarves Are My Winter Dream

Wear Juma Scarves in the Winter for a far away warm

I fell in love with Juma scarves before they released their 2011 Collection of beautiful, original and huge neck wear, and with the new set of breathtaking pieces, in a theme of a dreamy Africa… I’m smitten. Juma is a company made up of world travelers and beauty seekers. Don’t be jealous, when you see their designs you will understand why it’s necessary that some of us are more fortunate than others. Juma is a brother and sister team, Jamil and Alia Juma, both of whom are more than qualified to usher in this decade in future forward fashion.

The scarves are unisex as are many of their designs, if not in reality then in inspiration. This doesn’t mean a complete loss of feminine or masculine appeal is present but the simplicity of some of their designs really draws attention to the person wearing the piece, making the wearer a part of the ensemble. “The idea was to design clothes that they can both share, while being inspired by their individual and mutual experiences of their lives across four continents.” –  Throw in one of their beautiful scarves and you’ve got a jaw dropper.

Juma Zebra Scarf

All their scarves are silk twill, laser printed and designed in house at the Juma studio. Made from an extremely soft silk and a great accessory for year-round dressing. At 45″ square, its diverse and can be hung over a couch when not being used (thats what I would do at least).
Juma Peacock Scarf

The peacock scarf reminds me of a sketch drawing from an art class, a night change from the more popular overly refined, hard edged or vectorized images and text seen on most tees and clothing. Owning a Juma is truly like owning a piece of art.
In addition to the scarves, some of their clothing have similar original dyeing processes and prints – and some have no patterns at all, often in simple black, brown and grey colors, styles shared between the mens and women’s categories, like the Skort and Hooded Coat. Universally great wears from International jet setters.
Check out all their amazing designs at their website: //www.jumastudio.com/shop/

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