Junkprints: Brooklyn Style for all Seasons

warmer times mittens by Junkprints

It’s straight up winter everywhere these days (except for you lucky people in the southern hemisphere), and while perusing Etsy like I do every day or so, I came across some of the best winter wear from an unexpected place, Brooklyn New York.

I’m in a snowy Colorado ski town for the next 6 months and it was down to 1 degrees Fahrenheit last night already, so it’s clear that I really have it in for me this winter… I’ve been to Brooklyn but never lived there, and I never thought that awesome winter wear would come out of it – but I was dead wrong.

Mittens, scarves, sweatshirts and jackets are just a few of their awesome cold blocking items, the “Warmer Times Mittens” my favorite, made from reclaimed leather an one of a kind!

warmer times mittens by Junkprints

found mittens by Junkprints
found mittens by Junkprints

Elf Scarf by JunkPrints

Eff Scarf by Junkprints

Junkprints Sweatshirts and Jackets:

circle sweateshirt by Junkprints

flickt jacket by Junkprints
Booyah Sweatshirt by Junkprints

Junkprints also makes year round items naturally, including handbags, jewelry and tees – thinks you just have to see for yourself at Junkprints.etsy.com.

trilateral necklace by Junkprintson the fringe bag by Junkprintssharp and loose top by Junkprints

About the Designer

My name is Chanel…it’s my real name. My mommy is a huge fan of Coco Chanel…the little black dress etc.
I’m a graphic designer/photo-illustrator…been doing that stuff professionally for about 4 years. Check out junkprints.com for more info and my portfolio.

When I’m not glued to the computer monitor, drawing, clicking the shutter or pulling my hair out. You can catch me riding around BK on my vintage bike, eating plantain, tearing up suburban thrift stores, bitching about art and music or looking at rental units (I love looking at rental units…I have no intention to move…just like to look :)

I found this sewing machine in the trash, had my special man friend bike it home for me and started sewing my booty off. Then I found Etsy to help sell the the fruits of my labor…

fireworks dress by Junkprints

The Fireworks Dress by Junkprints


One thought on “Junkprints: Brooklyn Style for all Seasons

  1. oooHOOW! Need those gloves asap, beats my black leather ones for sure. Must get!

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