KorBáta Bows and Ties, Guatemalan Flare that Cares

Korbáta is a new company making gorgeous, skillfully crafted, hand woven ties and bows like no other. Not only do they make beautifully colorful pieces, but they do it with a conscious, benefiting the economy and lives of people in their family’s home country of Guatemala.

KorBáta Guatemalan ties and bow ties are definitely made for the 21st century man. Made from colorful cotton, each piece holds unique characteristics – Colorful and bright, with original patterns to express the unique individualism of the 21st century man.

We need more companies like Korbata who care about the environment and world economy as much as they care about fashion!

Here are a few of their pieces, found on their website at Korbata.com, enjoy!


Where does your fashion come from?

KorBáta’s story begins by the serendipitous meeting of two entrepreneurs. Both of Guatemalan descent, they found a shared love for their country, the beauty of its land, the Mayan culture and Guatemalan art. Combining their talents and efforts, they started a small artisan project and named the company KorBáta. Their work has been most gratifying because they have not only brought their dream to fruition but are helping to sustain Guatemala’s rich weaving history and providing work for those in rural areas of Guatemala.

For more information, visit www.korbata.com.

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