Designer of the Week: Labor Division, Fall 2012 Lookbook

labor division fall 2012 (4)

Labor Division is definitely a clothing company designed for the future.
An eco-conscious company with economic etchics? I must be dreaming right?

Labor Division works exclusively with small domestic factories that have a long history of craftsmanship and integrity. “Our manufacturers share the typically Italian tradition of respecting the material and working with their hands. The environment in which our products are made is intimate, hands-on and personal.”

An Italian brand, Labor Division makes handmade quality clothing the way most things used to be made, by hand and of the highest quality possible by skilled individuals. Not that the Industrial Age didn’t change the world, create jobs and ultimately create capitalism… which most people see as positive things but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, both of which are major priorities for me.

Check out Labor Division’s gorgeous new Fall 2012 collection and their practically edible lookbook photos, set in what looks to me like home here in the Rocky Mountains. A man and his ax, hot cup of coffee, a good book and a walk in the woods. If my boyfriend would let me dress him, this would be his entire wardrobe since that’s otherwise him in the photos – beard, ax, book and all. Sigh..dream with me..

labor division fall 2012 (4)

Check out their website and blog, where you can learn more about their love of quality, craft and history. I might be in love.

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