Ladies Converse: The Perfect Shoe for Every Occasion

Imagine a pair of shoes that no matter the occasion or season fits the bill and are as comfy after months or even years of wear as they are straight out of the box and then take a look at a pair of Converse ladies shoes.  Almost everyone will have seen or worn a pair at some point during their lives especially as they are one of the bestselling sneaker brands in the world and have been for the better part of a century and it’s easy to see why with their versatility and style.

Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Stars-Hi-Cheetah-Shoe-Tan-~-BrownConverse shoes originally found success when basketball player Chuck Taylor re-designed the Converse All Stars Shoe with more flexibility, support and the inclusion of an ankle patch for extra protection which is now where the iconic logo resides on every pair of Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops.  In the decades since a pair of Chucks has been the shoes of choice for many generations with their timeless style and their ideal suitability for all kinds of sports and everyday activities and there’s always been a pair for everyone’s wardrobe as they come in just about every colour under the sun.

Converse-Chuck-Taylor-All-Star-Outsider-Womens-Boots-BlackToday not only can you choose a pair from a range of colours but there are numerous prints and patterns too and while the standard pair has canvas uppers and tongues, other options include linen and more recently knitted uppers for babies.  The instantly recognizable Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops or the Oxford style versions aren’t the only footwear the brand makes as they have everything from knee high boot versions and multiple tongues, to slip-ons and sandals but the brand also offer the Converse Jack Purcell Shoes if you want a different style entirely.

If you want something entirely suited to your own unique style and wardrobe Converse even have a custom shop where you can choose everything from the type of footwear to the colour or pattern you want on each section of the uppers, outsole, piping and even the stitches and laces, how many other footwear brands give you that option?  So if you want a comfy pair of shoes that look and feel good whether you are taking a trip to the shops, relaxing with friends or out for a jog then having a pair of ladies Converse shoes from ExtremePie will give you the perfect footwear for the occasion and if it doesn’t quite match the rest of your outfit you’ll always be able to get your hands on the colour you need.


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