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The information at is subject to change. Although we attempt to ensure that all information is correct, we do not guarantee its accuracy or currency. accepts no responsibility to you or anyone else arising from any use or reliance on the information contained within.

There are Impostures of our website. They use the same logo and link to our website in the hopes of looking more legitimate while doing their business abroad, mainly model scouting. However they are not affiliated in any way and we do not condone their practices and have tried many times to get them to come up with their own original ideas but alas, it’s up to Facebook’s legal department now. 

All photos are copyright of the person who took the photo, each photo is creditied either in description or alt tag. If any photo from the flickr group has not be credited thus, let us know immediately and we will change that immediately. We want you to get credit!

All information about stores is from either persons living in that city or from the internet, if you see your store on there and something is not right about the listing. Let us know! If you would like a short review added to your store let us know and we’ll write one or you can send us a short store bio.


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