Lessons We Learned From Prince About Partying

We’re Gonna Party Like Prince in 1999

When it comes to throwing party there is a person that will be remembered because of it along with his major hits – Prince. After his recent passing away, people all over the world still comment on his songs, but they do not forget his magnificent parties either. He will always remain famous as a an ultimate party thrower. There is a lot of things to learn from him if you want to have the party you have always dreamed of.


Choose a theme

What distinguishes a good party from a common one is a theme. Do not let your party have just a common dress-what-you-feel-like attitude. Create even the title for your party. Prince threw a party in 2005 called “The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party” where he invited his guests to appear in their pajamas at 2:00 a.m. If you opt for following his example, you can have your friends over in an intimate atmosphere where they will easily relax. No one will pay too much attention to what they are about to wear and they will only have some good fun.

If you are his fan, you can go a step further and create a Purple rain party. Invite everyone over but tell them they can appear only wearing something purple. You do not need to host it at your own household, you can just set a meeting point in a park, for example, and tell everyone to be at a certain place at a certain time wearing purple and start your partying from there.


20160510025432280What not to forget

When it comes to creating some unforgettable parties there is a lot of thing to do beforehand. First of all, do not forget about the drinks! No one will ever forget visiting their non-alcohol-drinking friends who hosted a party and forget that someone might actually feel like having one too many. If hosting a party Down Under, you can get drinks at bottle shops in Sydney. They have a wide range of drinks, and you do not need to make a list of the ones to buy, just visit the stores or order online and you will definitely have something to suit everybody’s needs.

Choose music that you want to be played. If you have some extra money, why not hire some DJs? If that is just not your thing, create a playlist or invite a friend with an excellent taste in music to create some positive vibes.

Who are the guests?

Think about the ones you feel like inviting over and adjust the party according to them. Think about the space you have and do not overinvite people because you will like people to be able to dance a bit and not just stand in a stuffed room. Be careful about the ones you invite. If you are inviting your colleagues, will your party maniac friends feel comfortable drinking lots of alcohol in front of? Or, will you feel comfortable? Invite only the ones you feel good around as this is the night when you too should enjoy yourself and not worry too much about the guests.

Remove the valuable items

If you opt for throwing a house party at your own place, think rather now than repent later. All valuable items should be removed because you do not want them smashed or ruined. Your guests will not feel comfortable either dancing near some expensive vase so make them and yourself comfortable by storing it elsewhere.

When it comes to having an awesome party, there is no better person to look up to than Prince. Create a themed party where people will have a lot of fun, think about the music that is going to played and buy drinks up to everyone’s taste and do not forget to store away some easily damaged items that are worth a lot and just have fun!


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