Lifetime Collective Fall 2012 Collection

This fall we can look forward to a lot of great things, cooler weather, elections, and whole new set of must haves for our closets. Anyone closet will work in this feature about Lifetime Collective, an art collective from Vancouver BC with a clothing centered purpose, driven by community, travel, and the people they meet.

Any clothing company created by people who actually wear the clothes they make and know what they want out of a design is already miles above any mass produced clothing line, but the fact that Lifetime is also an artists collective earns them even more respect. It’s never easy making it an as artists and collectives help artists get organised, network and form a community that takes them places.

Lifetime Collective found one of those places through their clothing and August 15th, they will take us there.

Their entire Fall 2012 collection is teeming with casual style and edgy side notes.  In addition to the amazing array of custom designed clothing, several great accessories and a series of artist tees, designed by members of the collective, will be available for our perusal and purchase on the 15th.

The Men’s Fall Collection represents a guy who has his style together while staying casual, comfortable, a little rugged (they are from Canada you know), and clearly has an appreciation for quality.  Lifetime keeps it simple without a bunch of branding and labels while still being identifiable through details, original design and overall feel.

The Women’s Fall Collection is a little more playful, but that’s typical of women’s clothes in general. Pieces from skirts, to overalls, to plaid shirts, crop jackets and little black dresses leave me pining for the moment they’re finally available. No matter where I spend my fall or winter this year, I know I’ll be in the perfect place for these pieces.

Both men’s and women’s collections are reminiscent of a Fall spent on a crystal clear, calm lake with reflections of yellow aspen leaves along the sides. Every piece in this collection screams “meet me outdoors!”, then transitions nicely into a street worthy rugged style ready to draw eyes in any city you may find yourself in.

Check out what you can expect this August 15h on their website: 

Men's Sweat Shirts & Tops by Lifetime Collective

Men's Tops by Lifetime Collective

Men's Jackets by Lifetime Collective

Men's Artist Tees by Lifetime Collective

Men's Accessories by Lifetime Collective

Women’s Fall Collection:

Women's Fall Collection by Lifetime Collective

Women's Fall Collection by Lifetime Collective
Women's Dresses by Lifetime Collective

Women's Accessories by Lifetime Collective


Check out their website and learn more about the collective, the artists and their mission:

Also, check them out on facebook at and on Twitter @LFTMCollective.

The Fall Collection will be available August 15th 2012.

The Lifetime Collective’s Winter Collection will be available September 15th.

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