Long Distance Fashion: Mexico

2 weeks in Mexico showed me a few things, mostly good food and brightly colored signs but also some great fashion here and there. Mainly Ed Hardy and Nike at blow out prices but also a little bit of Americana hometown designers like Erhart Design showed up (thanks to me).

Raul at Tepoztlan Mexico after a 2 hour hike up a mountain to a Pyramid that was closed!

Scarf style

Skirtish style

Here’s my friend Raul and me with a great new piece by Erhart Design. Its a scarf by design but we spent most the trip using it to stay cool, carry my lenses and cameras incognito as a handbag and to protect my shoulders from the hot sun. It’s one of the most diverse designs by Erhart and also one of their most simple. Take a look at their other designs and their ever diverse mix and match capabilities. Original fabrics, old school cuts and color combos – I own about 4 pieces now and adding regularly. Erhart’s probably my favorite Portland designer. check it out.

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