Look Like Business, Feel Like Yoga in 5 Steps

There’s no denying it, most of us want to be comfortable all the time, but we also want to look good, or at least presentable. Some of us would rather be in the gym or watching Netflix than at work, either way, same result – you end up with an over-complicated wardrobe trying to negotiate your wants and your workplace’s needs.

In the true spirit of Yoga, keep it simple, stay centered, and dress comfortably.

A great way to simplify your wardrobe, and your day, is to see what kind of crossovers you can make in your life. Try these 5 ideas to make your life more simple and comfortable while looking smart.


I always take a water bottle to work with me and I take the same one to the gym and have it next to my bed at night so my cats don’t dump a glass of water on my head. It goes everywhere with me so I don’t forget it, when I go to the gym after work.


I wear relaxed pants or yoga pants to work. Yoga pants with looser legs pass off pretty well as slacks, especially if you’re wearing a longer shirt over the top. If you have a dress code where you need to look even more professional than I do, or you’re worried about the see through qualities of some yoga pants – try some of these women’s pants from Betabrand. They range from Yoga style to travel friendly (also designed to be extremely comfortable) so you can get work done and be comfortable. Nothing worse than chafing legs or unbrethable polyester slacks. Sitting, standing, to and from the car in the summer heat, why not some comfortable pants?

Betabrand Boot-Cut Yoga Pants in Grey


Keep it light. Even in the winter, you’re better off in a lightweight shirt and a jacket or cardigan over the top than a thick sweater or sweatshirt. Especially if your job is active, but also if you’re just sitting still. The fabric will allow the air around you to reach your skin and wick your sweat and keep you feeling fresher by the end of a long day.

Sports Bras:

Colosseum Crossover Sports Bra - High Impact (For Women)
High Impact Sports Bra with Support

I often wear a sports bra to work if I’m going to the gym afterwards. This isn’t about maximizing space in your locker, it’s about simplifying life. Yes sports bras are not the most flattering on everyone, so be picky if you need to, otherwise, save the push-up bras for evenings out. Not only are bras uncomfortable but your skin breathes better with a cotton one rather than a silky or rayon one. Loose clothes are not the one factor to comfortable clothing, breathability is huge too.


If your work requires you to wear black shoes, which many office jobs do, try some black yoga trainers, if you have more freedom, try any kind you like! They don’t have to match your outfit *blasphemy*, but in the case that you have to work with customers or look really buttoned in, do match – black is always a match for anything. They get twice the use if you wear them to the gym, but you also own one less pair of shoes.
Ahnu - Yoga Split (Black) Women's Shoes

Here’s some styling ideas for a great work day!

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