Love, Fashionably.

Valentine’s Day is here. Not all of us love this day but even those not in love can appreciate seeing others in love, right? Here are a few photos from the group that I just had to share. Cute couples, dressed to kill, or in this case, love.

Doing anything special for Valentines day? My plans are to break my diet for the evening and eat a candy bar, drink some spiced rum, and watch a movie. I’m not single but I don’t really think we need to spend extra money on a holiday. The point of the holiday is to enjoy the one you love, be it lover, dog, cat, kids, siblings, family or even just your favorite movie.

If you’re feeling depressed over the whole thing, remember it’s just a holiday, not a contest or anything. Participating in it or not doesn’t mean you win or loose, it just means you saved some cash while you wait for the right person to spend it on. With my saved money, I’m buying the Wildfox Couture Red Sparkle Heart Beach Jumper. I may not be that much of a romantic but I love things that are cute. Like these couples:

Love is in the air

By rhohit
Love is in the air

Couple – Staten Island Ferry

By Rachel Citron
Couple - Staten Island Ferry

Couple in Hats

By Rachel CitronRachel Citron
Couple in Hats

Del Paseo por Shibuya
By DFD’81

De paseo por Shibuya

Tiff, street fashion @ Bloor St. W., Toronto

By Krist Papas
Tiff, street fashion @ Bloor St. W., Toronto

Carlo & Stefania (16/100)

By alphi q
Carlo & Stefania (16/100)

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  1. You should have called the couple with the hats, the poopy diaper heads.

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