Lovelysally Leggings: Mega Legging Love

Getting over a leggings infatuation is like getting over the cuteness of kittens, no one just “does” that. I have been obsessed with great leggings since 2005 and you could practically call what I own an “collection” – leggings from around the world, sometimes as souvenir, and sometimes I just bought them online.
Many of them have gotten worn out over time, usually through my own laziness while washing them properly, but many have survived the years and still look good as new.
I prefer a nice cotton, almost pant-like legging, but there is always something to be said for spandex, especially great for a night out or just on days when you’re feeling saucy.

I recently found  Lovely Sally Leggings, through a random re-post on Pinterest, and it rekindled my love of leggings and my hope that one day it will stop freaking raining.. and be summer SOON.

Smoke Leggings
Silent Smoke Leggings

Laotian Sunset Leggings by Lovely Sally
Laotian Dusk Leggings

Enchanted Forest Leggings by Lovelysally
Enchanted Forest Leggings

Mickey Mouse Leggings at Lovely Sally
Le Souris Leggings

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