Marilynn Montano

Marilynn Montano joined the site as a contributor June of 2010.

About Marilynn: “Hello:) I am in Journalism in my highschool and am very excited at this point of my life.. Fashion is every where and I LOVE IT !! I like to experiment at times… but there are times when i look around and there are people with some awesome fashion sense wheither it’s causal , prep, hipster, etc. I also am very involved in my cummunity and i volunteer my time at the city’s libary.. :)”
III Radical III


SF: where you were born?
Marilynn: I was born in Garden Grove, California.

SF: how long you’ve been into fashion or when you discovered it? Any interesting fashion stories from the past?
Marilynn: Iv’e been intrested in fashion starting 8th grade, however currently I am working on this “Recyled Runway Fashion Show” in Santa Ana that i am putting my heart and soul into it. In some days am just sketching random stuff here and there. I guess my inspiration for doing what I do whether it’s art, clothing, or etc is having that smile and compliment that I recieve from the people. :)

SF: what got you interested in contributing to the site?
Marilynn: I have been wanting to particapte in a style blog for awhile and I came across your site and I was hooked! :) Nice Job!

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