Matching Your Sneakers: The Do’s and Don’ts of Streetwear

As streetwear has been a massive trend over the past few years, the more people wear it, the less iconic it is beginning to look. Which is where new ideas in the trend come from but rather than risking a new edgy look that might not work, going back to basics can define your streetwear look and picking out the right pair of sneakers can make or break the look. Here’s a look at the do’s and don’ts of matching up your sneakers to your street clothing.


Don’t: Wear Gym Trainers

One thing that has often come from streetwear, is trying to find the flashiest pair of sneakers to wear. Although wearing a pair that standout trainers can be key, if you end up picking out a sporty pair, you’ll end up looking like you’re heading to the gym. The majority of purpose-built gym trainers have a “tech” design to them which isn’t the future of men’s streetwear, the vital part of buying streetwear trainers is to focus on the lifestyle ranges.


Do: Have Options

Because the streetwear trend is always changing and at times, you’ll need multiple sneaker options to keep your look fresh and matching your look. The safest options with streetwear is to wear a detailed pair of sneakers that stand out if you’re wearing a tracksuit or something that doesn’t have much design, this helps to make your trainers the highlight of the final look. The opposite can also be done, wearing a mens twin set or a graphic t-shirt can highlight a look, and wearing plain sneakers that don’t take too much of the attention works well.


Note: in current luxury streetwear styles, the primary trend is to wear clashing designs that wouldn’t usually work, printed trousers with an unmatching graphic top for example. It’s unconventional and bold, and it goes against the majority of conventional guidelines of streetwear.


Don’t: Wear Skate Shoes

The streetwear styles origin has come from skate culture and has made it into worldwide style. The majority of skate clothing can be worn as streetwear, but when you start wearing skate trainers, the look moves away from streetwear. Skate trainers tend to be flat, simple and don’t offer much value to the streetwear culture. A pair of Vans or Janoski’s could be worn with jeans, but with a streetwear tracksuit, it never works, so it’s just best to avoid them.


Do: Match Your Sneakers and Cap

One of the best ways to define your style is to match designer trucker caps or baseball caps with your sneakers. It doesn’t need to be to the same extent as Lewis Hamilton, but pick defining colours to match will highlight both your sneakers and cap simultaneously. Tonal matching is another way to define your look, picking out off-shades of the same colour brings out the style and makes the final look entirely intentional.



Don’t: Match Your Trousers and Trainers

Whether you’re wearing jeans, joggers or shorts, wearing the same colour sneakers and trousers doesn’t help the final style. Streetwear has a sectional design to it that helps to define each garment being worn. So wears the same colour needs to be broken up with an oversized tee for your jacket and joggers, and by wearing different colours is the best way to do it when it comes to trousers and sneakers


Note: the only exceptional most people agree with is black on black, it’s a subtle side of streetwear that has always been a staple for the culture.

There aren’t many rules when it comes to streetwear, it’s a relaxed style that offers more intention for a clean-cut finish. Nike Air Max and the Adidas Ultra Boost ranges are a perfect example of streetwear sneaker staples that are designed for the street culture.

Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that focuses on fashion trends, health and sports. He enjoys researching and identifying new styles and writing about them daily.

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