Memorial Day Fun in USA Retro Style!

pistachioMemorial Day Weekend this year was pretty great. On Sunday, I went on a ride on my motorcycle with my awesome new Retro Style USA Fanny Pack from Tipsy Elves.

The weather was amazing, as it often is where we’re camping right now in southern New Mexico. I got a chance to check out some of the back roads of the area while everyone looked at my USA Fanny pack in envy as I drove past. I didn’t beat the guy with the full size American flag on the back of his Harley who was riding around town, but I was definitely second running. After I got back,  we wandered across the street from our campground to taste some wine and eat pistachios at Pistachioland – Arena Blanca Winery – where we saw the world’s largest pistachio!!

My shirt, also from Tipsy Elves, has Lady Liberty herself, except, instead of a torch, she’s holding a beer and is “Lady Libeerty” haha; she’s amazing! My only concern is, and I know I’ve gained a little weight, but the Large fits like a tight medium compared to all my other medium tank tops, so next time I’ll be sizing up even more.  For our Memorial Day BBQ, we enjoyed veggie dogs and some good ol American beer, from Blue Moon (Colorado) and Shiner (Texas). Only the best for us!

I’m pretty much set for the 4th of July A well but I think I’ll be getting some matching pants by then, and something awesome for the boyfriend, like this Honestly Hungover tee with Abraham Lincoln having a seriously bad morning.

Review: Both the fanny pack and tee are especially great because they don’t have just one special purpose like some “holiday” clothing and accessories. They’re made to the same standard as any other item out there and my fanny pack is so useful on my bike. I can fit my wallet, phone, mobile phone charger, chapstick and house keys and since it’s attached to me, and I can feel it there as I ride, I don’t worry about it falling or flying off the bike. I can just jump off and go into a coffee shop or take photos without leaving my belongings behind. When I don’t want to wear it on my waist, I let out the strap all the way and sling it over my shoulder, instant mini purse. The same scenario would work for bicycles, jogging, walking, hiking and various other things. I don’t know why these things ever “went out of fashion” I have two now, having bought the other in 2008, and love them both.
Like I said before, the tee runs small. They were out of medium and good thing because the large is even a bit tight for my liking. I couldn’t have worn a medium. It’s a great quality tee though, so bright white with a great washed out print. I washed it once (because I ride a bike and white is hard for me) and it still looks amazing and the soft cotton falls nicely. It’s not elastic at all, which I can’t stand in tank tops. I’m self conscious enough in white without all that.  It’s a nice thickness, though a tiny bit see through, black bra see through but not “hey I can see your belly button” see through.  I definitely want more styles, and whether you would wear them out of honest patriotism, sarcasm, ‘merica love, or just plain snarkiness, these American tees and fanny packs are amazing.






I don't have to tell you, don't drink and drive and don't work on a bike and drink. But DO pose in front of bikes carrying tools
I don’t have to tell you, don’t drink and drive/ride and don’t work on a bike and drink. But DO pose in front of bikes carrying  big tools.


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