Memorial Weekend Skin Care Tips To Remember


For most of the country Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of the summer travel, swimming and sun tanning seasons. The fun hot weather activities also mean facing damaging sun rays, mosquitoes, dehydration and many other not-so-fun realities.

Linda Collinson, who has been in the natural health and wellness beauty business for nearly 40 years, says many of the more common or commercial tools to protect from those summer health threats can make the damage, especially to your skin, even worse. Collinson¸ who is the creator of Dewberry Lotion, says there are healthy alternatives to protect yourself without damaging your skin.

She has 4 secret alternatives for you to try this summer:


  1. Damaging Dehydration – Summer means HOT! Which means it is much easier for you to become dehydrated. Besides drinking a lot of water there are a few other (and tastier) hydration options, including: nutrient and water dense foods like salads, berries, oranges, tomatoes. Linda also says to try and minimize the amount of caffeine you take in and drink cool, not cold, water. No, we didn’t forget watermelon. Linda says watermelon has too much sugar.


  1. Too Much Sun Is Bad For Your Skin, But So Is Sunscreen. If you look at the ingredients of most commercial sunscreens you will read chemical after chemical, which is never good for your skin. Instead of the name brand sunscreen, try using plain almond oil. The naturally properties of almond oil is equivalent to 7 SPF. Of course a little more help will be needed for protection.


  1. Avoid Common Bugsprays. Summertime means mosquito season. Sale of bugs sprays take a significant jump this time of year and that is sure increase more with the concern about Zika virus. Linda says the problem with bug spray is that it needs skin-harmful chemicals to work. Instead of the common bug sprays Linda suggests using eucalyptus oil to keep the mosquitoes away. Also, wear light clothing and try to avoid being outside at sunrise and sunset, insects favorite time.


  1. Where You Swim Can Make Your Skin Health Take a Dive. If you have the choice, Linda says swim in the ocean as opposed to a pool. Salt water actually has some positive properties for your skin and hydration. The biggest problem with pools is the chlorine, another damaging chemical for skin. If geography forces you to pick a pool, scrub your body down with a natural bristle brush when your pool day is done and before you get into the shower. The brush will help remove much of the damage the chlorine can cause.

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