Men and Kilts: why the hell not?

kilts are great

2008-05-08 brown and orange

2008-05-08 brown and orange, originally uploaded by Kasmeneo.

Skirts, kilts, whatever you want to call them. Theres nothing wrong with men wearing them. They’re comfortable, stylish and you can even ride a bike in them (as you can see) . This member has been contributing for quite some time and I think he needs some attention. We need more men in the group! Come hither!

Quote form the photo:
“Since I ride to work on the bike I wanted to show you this red wind sculpture. I totally like the shape, and the way it is always changing. It’s just quite hard to take a nice photo there. But today the sun was just right, I discovered this gap between the trees, and even a little wall to put up my camera. Now the only drawback is that due to the perspective it looks like it’s less then 2 feet high. Guess how high it really is, then look at my note to find out.

Nothing too special about the outfit. Same old cap from Karstadt, C&A t-shirt and skirt, 2nd hand vest you can almost not make out under the denim jacket from Bon Prix. And the orange cotton china flats I bought on ebay.

The pendant is new, I bought it this weekend on a small arts and crafts market. It’s made of seeds and nuts with bits of turquoise and opal. Really extraordinary!”

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