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We were recently contacted by a blog in Mexico about a link swap. Finding out about blogs or shops in Mexico is not something that happens very often and when I was there last I didnt have much time to shop in Mexico City.  Cool Hunter Mexico – is a great example of a street fashion blog for many reasons. They’re really original in their presentation, as if influenced by but not imitating every other street fashion blog out there, they show details in each person’s outfits, highlighting not just the overall outfit but the jewelry, pins, unique cuts/details and even buttons on people’s clothes to bring focus to the particular uniqueness of that outfit. By being so detailed they make the outfits less disposable and “look how cool I am today” and more “I’m wearing these things I love and look how much care I put into doing so”. Even I am guilty of throwing things on, often times without much thought and still somehow thinking I look pretty cool. In reality I look like I did the day before but with a different shirt shoes and earrings.

Cool Hunter Mexico honors the people who, at least that day, decided to put some real love into their outfits and got some real respect and attention to their efforts because of it.

cool hunter mexico

Props Cool Hunter Mexico!

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