Miss the Gym? We found some solutions

We’ve been locked indoors since February – initially by choice, then by mandate. I’m already a total shut-in, so I don’t really mind – however once summer started, I really started to miss our trips to the gym!

What can you do when the gyms and trails are closed? I have asthma and don’t run, so I couldn’t jog around the neighbourhood, though many people have turned to jogging, more now than ever.

Jogging is not a solution for everyone, therefore I started to look for a new routine to stay in shape around the house! I looked at Pinterest and YouTube for tips, but the best ‘all in one’ solutions I found came from HomeGym101.com.

Just a little exercise a day can help your mood, your sleep and your body significantly. Check out more ideas on their site HomeGym101.com

Image Attribution: https://homegym101.com/

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