Most Important Beauty Necessities to Pack in Your Travelling Bag

Whether you’re jet-setting, road tripping, or taking to the open seas, you want to look good and have fun on your travels. You’ve got your wardrobe carefully selected, and you’ve got your cosmetic bag. You’ve probably even remembered to pack sunscreen. Chances are, however, there are a handful of beauty necessities you’ve neglected to pack, either because they’re so second nature you take them for granted, or because they are unique to beauty enroute so you don’t use them every day at home. Some of these you might not be allowed for carry-on, so look for the best checked luggage you can find to protect your goods and look stylist.  

Before you zip up your travelling bag and call it a day, make sure you have these beauty products on board.

Travel necessity - tweezers

1) Tweezers

Most women would agree: if there was only one beauty accessory they could take with them on to a desert island, it would be tweezers. Not only can they free your face of unwanted hair, but they can also be used to hunt and gather. Of course, you probably won’t use them for the latter, but you will be glad you brought them to keep your facial hair in check.

Travel necessity - razor

2) Razor

Unless you have every square inch of your body laser hair treated or waxed – or if you just prefer the au natural look – you are probably going to need your razor at some point on the trip. Make sure to bring one, and then bring backup. Sure, it’s usually easy enough to grab a razor on the road, but why interrupt the flow of travel if you don’t have to?

Travel necessity - rose water mist

3) Rose Water Mist

A bottle of rose water mist will be your best friend on a long trip – particularly if you’re spending a lot of time in the dry air of an airplane cabin. However, just be sure it is a spritz bottle and not aerosol, since you won’t be able to get this on a plane for security reasons. You may be prohibited from bringing it as carry on in general, and if this is the case, give yourself a spritz before you leave and as soon as you can when you land. There are tons items from nature that can easily become essential to your healthy living lifestyle.

When in doubt, call to ask.

Travel necessity - makeup wipes

4) Makeup Removing Wipes

Time, energy and resources can be pressed while travelling, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut corners on your beauty regime. Removing your makeup every night is important. It will prevent premature signs of aging, allow your skin to breathe and properly regenerate, and provide you with a fresh canvas with which to work in the morning. Bring along a pack of makeup removing cleansing wipes for those nights when the whole bedtime routine just isn’t going to (or can’t) happen.

5) DIY All-in-One

At home, you have your day cream, eye cream, night cream, illuminator, body scrub, body lotion, facial cleanser and exfoliator – and maybe even a few more products. Most of us find ourselves pressed for valuable real estate in our luggage, so if you want to free up space and time, simply bring a small jar or coconut oil. The benefits of coconut oil have long been extolled, and it can be used for all these ends. It moisturizes, exfoliates, cleanses, brightens skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Travel necessity - hair iron

6) Hair Style

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to wash our hair and go, so if styling is a daily part of your beauty regime, don’t assume your hotel (or hotels) will have the products you need. Bring your own trusted hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, or whatever else you use to guarantee a GHD (good hair day!).

Bring along these supplies and beauty is in the bag. Happy travels!

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